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Did smoking cigerettes cure me from foot odor or did standing long hours do it??
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Published: 11 years ago
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Did smoking cigerettes cure me from foot odor or did standing long hours do it??

HI guys. I decided to write here for advice because this seems to be the only recent one on foot odor.

I also have a crazy problem with smelly feet. Apparently I have a really horrible strong odor. I never asked anyone but i can tell by the people covering their nose around me. This is getting me confused, because it seems that people sitting afar can smell it too. But I can't smell it. I can smell a pungent kinda salty, musky smell sometimes coming from my feet. I dont know how it might smell to others, but i see people trying to smell if it were their own feet smelling bad because they always look down at their and starts sniffing themselves when I'm around. Not everybody can smell this odor, but definitly most people can.

This odor has only returned recently, when i started my new office job, where i sit all day. I had recently quit smoking about 3 months ago. I only smoked for 5-6 years. I started to excercise more to cope with quiting and wanting to get fit and healthy. Before this office job i working in retail for 5 years where I stand all day fr 8 hours a day 6 days a week. Now, I had developed Body Odor during puberty, around 13 years old. I got that controlled with deodorant. I had developed foot odor when i was 17, i know this because at that time i could actually smell it when i take off my shoes. I used to wear to school the same pair of leather shoes everyday with sock and in winter with opaque pantyhose. I noticed i smell worst if i wore pantyhose and try not to wear them so much. When I started at university it had gotten out of hand. I dont take my shoes off in class, but almost the whole class can smell feet and i couldnt smell it on myself anymore. I desperatly looked for products that helps, when to doctors and pediatrics. but they couldn't smell anything when i told them off the problem and just gave me food deodorant and foot powder to buy. I did not work, if anything i think the smell of those products made it worst. It was like this for 4 years at university, peoople used to use room sprays and perfumes to secretly fragrance the air. I picked up smoking during my last year of uni to deal with the stress and depression. When I started working in retail, I notice the smell disappeared. no one thinks i smell anymore. so i stopped using deodorant on my feet anymore, my smoking became more heavy as i got addicted to it. and during the whole 5-6 years in retail work, i had no odor, i can go out to my friends house and take off my shoes - no reaction from anybody. But now my friends are starting to sniff around me ... so i think it is back and i dont understand!!! i tried everything to prevent my feet from smell but no result... :( Im so depressed, i was proud i quit smoking, and now i really wanna smoke again to deal, but its making me feel crap.

So my question is... was smoking preventing me from smelling bad? Or was it the standing long hours at work - maybe its numbed the sweat glands? i dont get sore feet often from standing long hours.

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