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Re: Questions
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Questions

 A few questions that I can readily identify:

1. I often found red blood in stool. The blood is usually absorbed in the stool, turning the stool a bit reddish. It is not painful when passing motion. I do need however to strain a bit, not hard, just focusing my breath to the stomach area.

If it is bright red then it is most likely from an internal or external hemorrhoid.  Blood from further up in the intestines will appear tarry.  And if coming from the stomach will look more like coffee grounds.

After passing stool (especially after squatting), I often feel tension in the testicle area. I see them drawing near inside into my body. I sometimes feel that after defecating, it is easier to urinate.

Not sure about that one.

When standing up, sometimes I feel a slight pain in the anus area, feels like something wants to go out. If I press my anus, I can feel I touch something tender.

Again likely a hemorrhoid.

2. When ejaculating, the sperm does not shoot strongly, but instead sort of flows out from the head of my penis. This is even after a long time not ejaculating. Previously, after I ejaculate, I can quickly go to the toilet and urinate as the urge to urinate was quite strong. This year, after I ejaculate, I have to wait to urinate. Later in the day, after ejaculating, I usually found that my urine flow is easier and stronger.

Ejaculation pressure is controlled in large part from oxytocin levels, which stimulate the seminal vessel contractions.  If your oxytocin levels are low this would lead to weak ejaculation.

3. Thyroid: I have been testing my temperature every time I wake up in the morning for this week. I am unsure if they are accurate or not. Firstly, I read that you have to be at least sleeping for four hours for the test to be accurate. I wake up a lot at night. I usually slept at 12. Woke up at 1, 3, 5 and then usually be able to sleep until 9. Secondly, I have had a fever feeling this year for a while. When I test my temperature this week, it usually shows a temperature between 36 degrees and 36.5 degrees Celsius. The instructions on the mercury thermometer does mention that when putting the thermometer on the armpit, the reading could be 36.5 instead of 37.

It sounds like you may be hypothyroid or at least borderline hypothyroid.

Thus, I am unsure if this could be my thyroid. In addition, does thyroid problem usually cause difficulty swallowing? I found that it is hard for me to swallow capsules. I have to sort of jerk my head to “force” swallowing.

A goiter from hypothyroidism could cause swallowing problems.

4. I have bought chaparral, andrographis, nettle leaf and slippery elm. How to prepare the herbs? Do I need to wash it first? How to cook it? How much of it to use? How to combine them? Can I use them long term?

Did you get powders or cut herbs?  That will make a big difference in how you use them.

5. What do you think of bone broth as a food?

It is a good nutritional source.


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