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Re: FDA and Ozone

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: FDA and Ozone

 I was on the FDA website and wanted to see what they say regarding ozone therapy. The link below is the first thing that came up:

Apparently, the case resulted in the death of the patient who was treated with ozone.

Small bowel obstruction and gastrointestinal bleeding are not side effects of ozone therapy.  They are side effects of cancer.  Sounds to me like the cancer killed her.

What is ironic is that the FDA wants to blame the ozone with no evidence and ignoring the fact that she died from symptoms of cancer.  On the other hand it is estimated that 95% of patients undergoing chemotherapy die from the chemotherapy, not the cancer.  But the chemotherapy is never blamed for the death.  Instead the cancer is always blamed for the deaths.  And deaths from pharmaceutical drugs, including chemotherapy drugs are not required to be reported.  But all adverse events to supplements have to be reported to the FDA.

Now, I am not arguing for or against the FDA, but I just wanted to get a feeling of what you guys think? I understand that who really knows what happened and how much treatment/ozone was applied.

Actually they list the amount and form, but this is not enough or administered in any form  to cause any issues.  She died from the cancer, not the ozone.

The FDA claims that ozone use for medical purposes is toxic to the body.

Hmmm.... chemo and radiation therapy kill how many people each year?  And yet a study done in Germany followed over 6.5 million of doses of ozone given.  There were just over 30 adverse reactions reported mostly rashes at the injection site.  So which is really toxic to the human body?

And that the amount of concentration needed to actually help an illness is too much an average persons body can handle.

Totally false!!!  Just more proof that the FDA is more interested in protecting the pharmaceutical companies than finding the truth.

HV, what do you think? As compared to chemotherapy, which has a rather low success rate, why is the FDA so against alternative treatments?

Because the FDA's job is to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical companies, and their own profits.  It has been reported for over 30 years that over 150 FDA officials own stock in the pharmaceutical companies they regulate in violation of insider trading laws.  Yet no FDA official has ever been arrested for this criminal act.  And former Commissioner for the FDA Herbert Ley testified before Congress that the FDA was using governmental police powers to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical companies.  And in exchange the pharmaceutical companies were giving the FDA officials money, high level jobs and other gifts.  This is further evidenced by things such as the generic drug scandal where the FDA was caught approving untested drugs in exchange for payoffs.  And by their refusal to remove 710 dangerous or worthless drugs from the market in 1969 despite a Court order.  And look at all the dangerous FDA approved drugs that are killing people right and left such as Avandia, ibuprofen, v!agra, etc. that are still on the market.  Ibuprofen alone killed 2 dozen people during clinical trials from ibuprofen induced hepatitis, yet the FDA still approved it.  The FDA cares less about safety and effectiveness.  They are all about being strongarms for the pharmaceutical cartel.


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