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Re: Have used Chlorine Dioxide daily for 26 years

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Have used Chlorine Dioxide daily for 26 years

Hello #132048,

That is what this debate is all about.

Jim Humble claims millions have been cured of disease. You claim hundreds of thousands have successfully overcome a myriad of challenges, and done so safely.

However, when an attempt to verify those claims is made, the actual numbers fall short of the claims.

On the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement support forum on CureZone several thousands of people have reported their experience following the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement protocol. Most of the comments involve experiencing chlorine dioxide poisoning as reported by experiencing nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Out of those vast thousands numbers that are seeking better health, 89 have come forward and suggested that they have received some benefit from following the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement protocol, and when you check those stories out, many have combined other treatments along with MMS, so it is difficult to know if the benefit was from MMS or the other treatments.

I would venture to suggest that I could find a lot more than 89 people out of several hundred thousand that consider french fries a benefit to their lives...

Rather than diverging into everything that can harm and kill people, let's focus the discussion on the flawed MMS protocol. If everyone actually understood oxidation therapy and were in tune with the needs of their bodies, the FDA may have never received any complaints, and MMS would still be "under the radar." Unfortunately, people are blindly following a protocol that is being developed by someone that has little medical understanding, and a very limited understanding of chemistry.

Originally, Jim Humble claimed that chlorine dioxide would eliminate all pathogens. Now he claims that if that doesn't work, try hypochlorous acid. Originally the goal was to increase the amount to end up with 30 - 45 drops a day and after a week of that you would be cleared of all pathogens. Suddenly it has been "discovered" that the lifetime of chlorine dioxide in the body is less than what was originally "discovered," and the drops need to be taken every two hours instead of large doses 2 - 3 times a day. Originally, anyone could mix up a dose of MMS. Now, it is looking like you need a week or two of training before you can be effective with it. Originally Jim Humble claimed that he had measured the concentration of the dose at a concentration of 1 PPM. Recently Jim Humble admitted that he didn't know how much chlorine dioxide was released in his doses.

There are medical professionals looking at these chemicals. Dr. Hesselink seems to have a pretty good handle on the idea of oxidative stress. He comments on the various things that interact with these chemicals, and suggests taking a dose 1 - 3 times a week.

Who has a better understanding of the effects, both positive and negative, of these chemicals inside the body? I hope people like Dr. Hesselink will continue with their testing and actually develop a safe and effective use for this oxidation therapy inside the human body.

The MMS protocol is flawed. I find that most people change it to something more manageable, and their changes often match what the people like Dr. Hesselink say is a more reasonable approach. Jim Humble may have something that works for simple malaria, but most of the people following the MMS protocol don't have malaria.

Other controversial oxidizers like hydrogen peroxide and ozone have been promoted to kill all pathogens. This has lead to testing and studies to determine effectiveness and methods of application across a broad spectrum of medical professionals. Independently, there has been an agreement on the suitability and method of application of these oxidizers. With the flawed MMS protocol, Jim Humble seems to try to eliminate independent review, and when he is found wrong in his claims, he sidetracks to bost of the numbers of bottles of MMS that have been sold, and offers no evidence of his testing that lead to his claims. For example: Jim Humble claims that a dose of MMS only has a concentration of 1 PPM, yet hundreds of tests done by many people indicate otherwise. Chlorine dioxide test strips can be purchased and a person can do their own tests to verify this.

The argument goes on... So what. The concentration of chlorine dioxide is higher than what Jim Humble claims. So what.

Well, the safety of these chemicals is based upon concentrations in the 1 - 2 PPM range. When you exceed that by several hundred times, you then carry the responsibility of demonstrating that the much higher concentration does not harm, and all the testing showing that it does is wrong and here is the data that backs that up.

I agree that sodium chlorite is a very valuable chemical. However, it is not the only chemical that works. The problem with sodium chlorite is that it takes training and education to be able to use it correctly and safely. Chlorine dioxide is a killer. It does not boost the immune system. I believe hydrogen peroxide and ozone actually break down to components that boost the immune system, but chlorine dioxide breaks down to chlorite. The chlorite circulates throughout the body and in animals has a half life of a little over 40 hours. Eventually, some of this breaks all the way down to chloride, but chlorite is the disinfection by product that is capable of damaging the body.

Jim Humble claims that the MMS protocol is safe for everyone including pregnant women and children. He bases that claim on the fact that chlorine dioxide is approved for disinfecting drinking water. Yet the studies done on using chlorine dioxide to purify drinking water indicate that in animals the concentrations involved with the MMS protocol produced neurological and developmental "issues." This sounds like just the thing that pregnant women and children should be taking.

I advise people to approach this with a critical mind. Read the studies, compare the concentrations used and the methods involved in using the chemicals, and decide if the studies support Jim Humbles claims. In addition, pick up some basic testing supplies and run your own tests to verify the concentrations involved with the MMS protocol. I believe a package of chlorine dioxide test strips runs around $10 and most people have access to measuring cups and a pet syringe for accurate measuring.

As I have mentioned before, there are thousands of uses for chlorine dioxide and acidified sodium chlorite. They are great products as long as they are used correctly, safely, and responsibly.



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