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Re: Should I use Iodine?

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Should I use Iodine?

good.  that gives me something to work with.

ok, now look at it from the other side.

are you oxygenated?

I suppose not, since I still smoke cigarettes


this can be mitigated with prudent and cautious oxygen therapy.  organic cigarettes, if you insist.

are you hydrated?
I am naturally thirstless, but try to drink at least 1 liters of fresh juice (not sweet) and 500ml water per day

salt, always salt.  its so simple and easy and safe. and works.  always choose those routes that cooperate with nature if at all possible.


do you have proper mineral balance?

My last blood work indicated low Iron levels, but I think the Cayenne and Turmeric could help with that.

it is highly likely you are B12 deficient. if this is the case then you need B12 badly because there are other metals, trace minerals, that only b12 can shuttle into and around the body.  the ONLY way to know for sure is a shot of b12, 1mg.  if that improves your outlook to any degree discernable, next day take another.  repeat until you no longer feel a benefit after the shot and you are replenished.  look to possible liver flukes as a source of depletion but normally this is pure dysbiosis of the gut.  the aluminum base3d bacteria have probably taken over, leaving less resistance to the yeast bloom and out competing the bacteria which make B12.

do you have poisons to detox.

I do not know - I do oil pulling each morning, so eventually I should get rid of some of the toxins that way

curezone is the number two alternative website on the web.  this is without any acreditation whatsoever.  just real people with real stories, research to share and opinions.  it was buit on the liver flush, still the number one forum here and growing.  this is so for really good reason.  a good functioning liver can cover a multitude of sins.  all these strange chemicals are broken down there and rendered harmess to the body.  not if its clogged up, it wont.

then from this side...

circulation is life - constipation is death.

is blood flowing freely?

Yes, and the Cayenne pepper will increase blood flow too

are the kidneys functioning well?


are the bowels moving?

Yes, twice a day

is the lymph being moved by physical action?

I exercise regularly and sauna - or do you refer to massage?

massage is always nice.  thy can find places that are subborn and move them.  sweating and physical activity should be enough if it is done enough.  heres another hard rule for everyone:  what you do every day determines your health.  yea, after years of weekend benders your doctor might tell you your live says "uncle", but cancer and diabetes and arthritis and heart disease and all manner of ilness today started years or decades before.  i guess i should say, whatever you have done everyday determines your health today.

and finally...

do you have parasites or chronic infections?

Probably parasites, as I have pets, but again, Turmeric and occasional Castor oil should help. I do suffer chronic shoulder inflammation, but the Turmeric and
Gamma-linolenic acid keeps it in check

everyone benefits from iodine. iodine, selenium, boron and magnesium are the most common deficiencies in america.

I do not live in America


iodine seems to be  a worldwide deficiency.  i think something happened to the environmental iodine.  there are fascinating signs that the earth had a much more abundant supply of iodine in the biosphere.  deficiency in these minerals depends on the percentage of processed and denatured foods are in your diet.  i tell people here to eat as locally, as fresh, as raw, as organic, as in season and as unprocessed as possible.  if it doesnt look like food when you buy it, dont eat it.  if you cant pronounce it why put it in your body?


Thanks for your reply - I will definitely look into your suggestions


Keep well and God Bless.

thank you for a lovely conversation.

peace and love


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