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Re: Iodine Update..
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Iodine Update..

I'm sorry if I came off wrong, but I said that I didn't expect to get an answer for the whole Thyroid-DHT connection because it was either too complicated or not understood.

Thanks for filling me in on that, I never understood how important the salt loading and companion nutrients are. I have been taking Selenium along with Iodine and have also been using a product called Thyroid Energy.

This is the Selenium I use:

This is the Thyroid Supplement I use:

I don't know how you guys rate these supplements, please tell me if these are good choices.

I originally got heavy detox symptoms when I first started Iodine at only one drop a day. My neck was throbbing, I started thinking differently, very emotional, hump on my back which turned out to be swelling. But, I also had zero scalp inflammation, hair loss nearly subsided (very heavy loss for 4 years) within days and I had amazing energy.
Now, taking about 12 drops 3 times daily along with about 400mcg of Selenium, those effects seem to have worn off. My hair loss has got worse than before, inflammation has become worse, energy is way too low, flu like symptoms etc.
I was confused by the detox symptoms because they seemed to have occurred, then took a rest period where I felt fine and now are back in full force.

High on Water---------------------------------------

Sorry, I didn't answer those questions but I seemed to have answered those on a different forums many times to no avail. I've always been a healthy person, hardly ever got sick. No real infections, rarely got constipation. I'm not exactly sure if I have mercury fillings or not, but I have 2 fillings. Only problem I had with teeth was grinding during the night.
The fact I never answered the diet question was basically because I eat a relatively healthy Diet compared to everyone my age I know and I expect that rules it out. Now I know that's not how it works, so I generally eat quite a bit of bread and cheese, greens twice a day, meat nearly every day and drink only water and milk.

just thinking----------------------------------------

I'm glad you addressed the DHT subject. In most people suffering hair loss their DHT usually isn't any higher than people without it. In fact most hair loss sufferers have lower Testosterone than those without hair loss. It's not a fact of DHT being high, rather having DHT sensitive follicles. So no, I've never been tested for high DHT.
I've never actually been diagnosed with any Thyroid condition. I've been told several times that modern Thyroid tests are very inaccurate and that my family history and current situation indicates a high chance of Hypothyroidism. I guess I have just come to conclude that I have a Thyroid disorder and after the success of the first few days of Iodine, with the increased energy and lack of hair loss that the Thyroid was definitely a factor. Now that all my previous symptoms have come back I guess I'm questioning that conclusion.

As for the heartbeat, well to tell you the truth I'm not exactly sure whether or not is was slow or fast. But honestly, most people I know would have been straight into the hospital with the symptoms I was suffering. I couldn't breath, had to keep tapping my chest rapidly and had to keep moving. I felt I was seconds away from fainting and when my arms started getting numb I got really scared. I expected you guys to blame this on detox symptoms, but got really worried when looking at Iodine toxicity symptoms having everything I was going through up there. I don't really know what to think about it. I guess I want it to be detox symptoms so I can deal with them and hopefully everything will go back to normal... I can't even remember what normal is to tell you the truth.

I understand what you are saying about those minerals. If I get a blood test will it say if any of these are out of whack?.

As for the hump, at the time I was going through this I was only after starting Iodine and was very emotional, anxious and very worried about that hump. Fact was, the hump was a swelling under my spine, which made me think it was a bone. I guess whatever Iodine stirred up caused the swelling. It's all good now, it went down within a few days.


Sorry for the long post, but I really want to be normal, with normal energy, no inflammation/ hair loss and just be myself. I feel that those 3 days when I first started Iodine were the most myself I have ever been. I want to go back to that and believe the Thyroid is the key.

Thanks for the replies and information.

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