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Re: No candida but white coated tongue?? Any advice
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: No candida but white coated tongue?? Any advice

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I am in the same boat as you. I've been dealing with this white tongue for about 2 1/2 years. I thought it was candida and parasites but my stool sample results came back negative. I too did the anti-candida diet for 90 days and saw no change. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat as my tongue stays the same.

Sorry to hear about your struggle with this, but its great to know I'm not alone in this battle.  I will say at times my tongue looks pretty good, but most of the time it looks pretty bad.

I am now using celtic Sea Salt a few times a day b/c i do have an Iodine deficiency. I am also taking Betaine/HCL and B vitamins.

I know in the past when I've used Sea Salt and let it sit on my tongue for a minute or so, that it dramatically clears my tongue.  However this is a band-aid and it usually comes back about 12-14 hours later in full force.  Does your Sea Salt have iodine in it?  I thought most of the Sea Salt's are iodine free?  What's your diet like?  As I mentioned I'm a heavy heavy animal protein eater.  I wonder if HCL would help me?

I also did some allergy testing and have been avoiding all of the foods that came up on the allergy test.

I am wondering if I could have a bacterial infection somewhere or if my liver is overworked and that is why I have a white tongue. Just some ideas. I've been trying to desperately figure this out for years.

I'm fairly certain that dysbiosis is the issue here.  Too much bad bacteria having a party on my tongue, with no clean up crew.  Yeah I agree, the liver is also something to look at and I know Accupunture docs always feel the liver is behind most of the symptoms they see.

BTW--did you always have a white tongue or did yours suddenly appear one day.

To be honest I never really paid attention to it prior to this past year when I started to have some issues.  I will say I NEVER noticed having bad breath or a metallic taste in my mouth like I do now.  So I'm pretty sure this just came about over the past 9 months or so.


I got mine after I had food poisoning in Hawaii (I took levaquin too) and then my naturopathic dr. put me on another natural antibiotic when I got back vs. building my immune system back up with probiotics..(don't go to him anymore). Anyways I've tried anti-parasitic meds., anti-fungals, natural antibiotics, okra pepsin, digestive aids, many probiotics, fermented foods, you name it...I've tried it.

Hmm interesting that none of that has worked for you as several of these were on my list of things to try.  Have you done any liver flushes?  This really sucks, and it bums me out from time to time because I have no clue what the answer is.....  

Furthermore I'm 100% certain it is NOT thrush based on the location of my coating and doing some careful analysis of people with candida of the mouth online.  I have no coating on the roof of my mouth, my inner cheeks or underneath or on the sides of my tongue.  Just a big blob of white right in the middle and towards the back outter edges.  Secondly its not cottage cheesey, its somewhere in between thin and thick.  And it doesn't really respond to a tongue scraper that well. 

I too feel pretty healthy but have this silly white tongue. The naturopathic dr. I was going to before said he thinks I have a "deep" bacterial infection in one of my organs...wouldn't I be feeling worse if I did? Any thoughts are appreciated.

Yeah I honestly feel great!  I have no digestive issues, I get great sleep, I workout 5-6x a week, generally have a very good mood, have little if any stress (just this damn tongue! haha) and eat very clean 100% organic food almost all the time.  I'm also well hydrated 80-95oz of water a day.  Something is definitely wrong, but figuring it out has been mind boggling.

The new dr. I'm going to is trying to build my immune system up as my white blood cell count is low. I am also hypothyroid and have some hormone imbalanaces. He feels like if he can get my body back in balance I'll be able to fight off things naturally. It sure sounds good but I'm not sure what to think of

I've also thought perhaps I'm deficient in a key vitamin or mineral. Vitamin D comes to mind since I don't go out in the sun much.  I don't take a multi-vitamin, but I take a b-complex, a, c, e, niacin and magnesium supplement daily.  I'll look into switching to a multi-vitamin and seeing if that makes a difference. 

I decided to respond to your message b/c it sounds like you are dealing with the same frustration I am over this.

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate your feedback and would like to stay in contact with you as you try new methods to get rid of this nasty thing. 

I'd really like to know what your daily diet consists of?  Maybe we can add up something that might be contributing to the maddness. 



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