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My method worked and I passed my first real stones! (3rd)
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Published: 18 years ago

My method worked and I passed my first real stones! (3rd)

I did my overnight flush again(starting at 1am ending at 9am, then sleeping), and unfortunately ate badly this evening at a halloween party but I behaved myself more than normal. I had almost given up on passing anything but pieces of food(not even any chaff!), when half an hour ago I passed about 20 green stones, similar to those featured in pictures on the website. The largest was the size of my thumbnail! No wonder I just felt blocked up after the last two flushes. It was moving very slowly out of there.

Anyways, how I did it. I did a malic acid capsule fast since I might have candida and juice makes my cravings flare up. I started Monday, and made it to Thursday with only eating fresh veggies(celery, carrots, okra and cucumbers) and lean protein at night. I had cottage cheese Thursday morning to make it out of my apartment, and ate popcorn and crackers and cheese that night(^_^;;;), but continued to fast Friday. I took mega doses of malic acid, from 5-7 500mg capsules spread through the day to get constant dosage. I did daily mini flushes with maybe a teaspoon of Epsom Salts and 1/2 cup of Fruit of the Earth aloe vera juice in water, just in case my body was low on magnesium or potassium(did this to prevent my body just absorbing the Epsom Salts like my first flush), and drank my own concoction of cayenne juice, apple cider vinegar, and cinnanom with stevia for a little flavor. I only figured out the best way to make this Friday(other ones were nauseating and not too filling.. stevia helped oodles and using cinnanom sticks with hot water rather than the ground spice), and now I think I could live off this. I made this as a detox drink, and a way to keep my metabolism from shriveling up and dying. I also took 4(divided into 2 doses) activated charcoal and 4 psyllium seed husk capsules til Friday to keep my bowel moving. I finished a two weeks system of Parastroy before Monday, but I honestly wonder how much it helped. TRIED to eat garlic, but by Thursday I threw in the towel. Makes me so nauseous I cant even describe. I'll have to invest in allicin capsules or something.

Actual Flush:
I took a mega dose of Epsom Salts (4 tablesppons) and mixed it in a water bottle with about 24oz of water. I took 1 6 ounce serving at 1am, one at 5 and a smaller one at 7 because my bowels had started charging. Went home, took olive oil alone straight(it gets nastier every time.. need to invest in lemons next time) at 9am. I forgoed taking my last dose, as on my second time it just made the runs last longer with no stones in them. I rolled around all day, trying to sleep, and made my fiance give me belly rubs(I have bad stomach bubbles from food intolerances , so he's well trained at making it better), and I think this helped alot! It got everything moving. You can try it on yourself(I can do it, but I tense as I do it, which makes it less effective) or get some else who isn't bothered by wierd gurgling noises. Just roll your hands around your stomach til you hear a gurgle. Push on it and roll it down, like you would bread dough. Do til the gurgles stop or lessen in intensity. Wait, then do the mirror side of where you just were. I had him do my right side, and it pushed everything to my left, so then he did my left. Do it lying down, or try it standing up, leaning over, like trying to punch yourself in the gut. lol.

I was about to throw in the towel on Liver Flushes when voila! It worked! Til next time guys, and good luck!

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