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Re: When facts won't work, resort to cheap shots

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Hveragerthi Views: 9,208
Published: 11 years ago
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Re: When facts won't work, resort to cheap shots

 By the way since you want to debate natural healing, how natural is your oleander tea?  Where in nature do you find oleander tea with the toxic cardiac glycosides removed?  So I guess you are not in to natural healing either.

That's right, H.  When your opinion is opposed to the huge bulk of evidence and other opinion and you have insufficient pick-and-choose studies to try to support your own illogically biased and unsupported opinions, such as is the case in GMO and unfermented soy, result to low blows against your opponent.

You are really over sensitive I see.  What I pointed out was not a low blow or a cheap shot as you put it.  It was a FACT, although the point was to show that what someone considers "natural" is a matter of perception.  Your oleander tea is not natural since it has been altered from the way nature made it.  So don't blame me because you overlooked that fact before deciding to act like  a little snot!!!

And just because something is not natural does not mean it does not work.  You know that I feel ozone is the most effective cancer therapy ever devised.  And there is the science to back it.  Yet cancer is not being cured by going out in to the sun to inhale the ozone.  The ozone is being artificially made, primarily by high voltage electric discharge.  So the ozone is not natural, yet it can kill cancer by peroxide formation, destruction of carcinogens, stimulation of cytokines, stimulation of SOD production and by activation of white blood cells by the peroxides formed.  And all with one of the best safety records of all therapies out there.  As study done in Germany followed over 6.5 million applications.  There were just over 32 adverse reactions reported, mostly minor such as pain at the injection site.

So I never claimed to be in to "natural medicines".  I deal with alternative medicines that work.

By the way do you recall that we butted heads when I first came to Curezone?  Why? Because you were telling people to drink oleander tea for their cancer and whatever with no warning that the tea has to be made a specific way so it does not kill the person from the cardiac glycosides.  If someone decided to just go pick some oleander leaves to make a tea they would not survive long enough to take a second drink.  So don't try lecturing me on safety.

I realize you do not like soy, as many chicken littles who have bought in to the false soy propaganda also do not like.  But this is no reason to start with the personal attacks.

Mankind has been boiling, straining and condensing natural plants and preparing foods and herbs that would otherwise be toxic in their raw state for thousands of years.  

And this does not make them natural.  If they are otherwise toxic that means their NATURAL chemistry has been altered to render them safe.  This is not that hard of a concept to understand.  So if you want to preach about "natural healing" then practice it yourself.

My record of supporting natual healing speaks for itself, as you well know. But you just can't help yourself from such behavior when someone dares post anything that you don't agree with, can you?

Who started the personal attacks on this thread?  Oh, that's right, it was you.  So in essence you are saying to do as you say, not as you do.

And YOU complain about malcontents running people off CureZone?

And again I never start the attacks.  But I will respond in a manner in which I am treated since this tells me that this is what the person understands.  Same principle of how children that are abused often become abusers themselves since this is what they grow up understanding.

Not one of your finest examples of "the truth in medicine", H.

Keep up with the personal attacks Dquixote,  seems like the only thing you really understand.


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