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Image Embedded Re: When facts won't work, resort to cheap shots

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Hveragerthi Views: 9,264
Published: 11 years ago
This is a reply to # 1,696,791

Re: When facts won't work, resort to cheap shots

 I expected just such a response, name calling and all.  It is, after all, you abundant history to respond in just such a manner.

LOL!!!  You really are a piece of work.  YOU start out immediately with your first response with an attack.  Then you have the turn the blame on me over an over.  I suppose you also punched your siblings when you were younger then ran to momma to accuse them of starting it.  And you apparently never outgrew this tactic.

I have said my piece and you can feel free to plunge deeper along the low road as you wish.  I will, however, point out that when you came to CZ, I was not, nor have I ever been, telling people to simply make oleander tea and drink it.  I will concede that it is important to note that oleander is a toxic plant in raw form and that no one should try to make their own extract without knowing what they were doing and exercising cautions; however, I had, in fact, referred solely to homemade "oleander soup", which I had posted detailed instructions on how to make at home safely long before you graced us with your presence. 

Go back and read my posts on oleander.  We had this safety discussion about oleander over a year ago when it was being touted as a cancer cure with NO safety information being presented.  That is why I brought up the safety issue, because just telling people to drink oleander tea would end up killing them considering how toxic oleander is.

Personally I don't know why you are so insistent on pushing oleander anyway.  If it is the polysaccharides in the oleander that help boost the immune system why not promote safer sources of immune stimulating polysaccharides?  For example medicinal mushrooms and seaweeds, myrrh (also a hyaluronisade inhibitor and antimicrobial giving additional anti-cancer benefits), astragalus, schisandra,  echinacea (also a hyaluronidase inhibitor), marshmallow root, birch (also a source of anti-cancer betulinic acid), etc.

Furthermore, there are so many other aspects of cancer that need to be addressed than white blood cell stimulation by polysaccharides.  For example hyaluronidase inhibition to prevent metastases, destruction of cancer microbes, elevation of cytokines, repair of bone marrow, angiogenesis inhibition, mitosis inhibition, blocking the glucose-lactic acid cycle, etc.  Oleander is hardly the magic anti-cancer treatment you make it out to be.  There are many safer and more effective treatments out there that address so many more aspect of cancer.

Not that you will listen, but my advice is to realize that people are not always going to accept you as the ultimate authority on all things having to do with healing and at times

Never claimed I was.   Nice to see that this is what comes to mind though when you think of me. Thanks.

there will be disagreements with what you post or believe

Well duh, took you this long to figure that out?

- so stop being so damned sensitive and let it go now and then, H. 

Who is being sensitive?  YOU are the one that overreacted in response to my post starting the attacks.  So I must have stepped on your last nerve too hard even though the post had NOTHING to do with you.  I thought you must have forgot to take your PMS medication or something the way you overreacted.

IMO, a person who is truly confident in what they post to begin with does not have to argue on and on and on, nor do they have to resort to slurs and personal attacks, to prove their original point.

Again my first post in this thread has NOTHING to do with you.  Yet you responded with personal attacks against me.  So according to your own statement you are severely lacking in confidence.  Well, at least I have learned a lot about you in this thread, although more than I care to know!!!!!!  By the way I can give you a list of supplements for you hyperaggression if you ever decide to do something about it.


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