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I can't speak for Asian history/diet... Re: sorry, still asking??
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Published: 11 years ago
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I can't speak for Asian history/diet... Re: sorry, still asking??

...but I'd like to add the viewpoint of traditional soy farmers (at least in the midwest as I know them), and some thoughts of my own.

My grandfather (Iowa) was a farmer. Once when I visiting the farm (this would have been in the late 1960's - early 70's), grandma and I went out to the garden to "pick beans" for supper. I looked at the two huge fiends of soybeans on either side of the house, and the few rows of green beans in the garden and asked:

"Why are we picking 'these' beans when there's SO many beans out in the fields?" My grandma 'like to busted a gut laughing' (as they say in these hyar parts :). She patted my head and said, "Honey, you don't EAT soybeans - soybeans'll rip your gut to shreds. Even when we were flooded out 'without a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of', we would NEVER have eaten soybeans. Some poor people try, but they have to boil 'em for days, or they'll bloat up like a tick on a hound. Soybeans just aren't for eatin'."

When grandpa came in from the fields, she pulled me over and said, "Lil' Uny here wanted to know why we didn't pick the 'field beans' to eat today". And he said, "EAT soybeans? Soybeans aren't for eating, everybody knows that. We grow them to help the soil and we sell them to folks that make other things outta them. But don't you EVER eat them...hell honey, we don't even feed 'em to the cattle. If we did, they'd never put any meat on their bones and the milk wouldn't be fit to drink."

And that was long before the days of "GMO".

Of course, Asians have ingested fermented soy for centuries, but very few of us are Asian (nor do we typically eat a diet that's similar to theirs in other respects). And it would be very rare to find anybody (Asian or otherwise) that ingests a diet that's similar to what was eaten by Asians centuries/thousands of years ago.

Even though we're told that "organic isn't GM", the cross contamination IS prevalent & evident...the organic label no longer assures anything but the seeds planted weren't GM. Genetically-Modified soy isn't a health risk, it's a known health destroyer.

So with all the controversy and alleged experts (and "scienticians") on both sides debating 'until the cows come home'...why in the WORLD would any person take the risk? It's not like soy has something in it that's essential to life/health and we can't possibly be healthy without it.

It seems to me that anyone that cares about their health (or the health of anyone they advise), would be wise to put their studies and ego aside and apply a little basic logic and common sense to the situation...

-->> ALWAYS err on the side of caution <<--

...because there's FAR more aspects involved in discerning the "Truth" than a few studies.

They've already proven that Genetically-Modified soy mutates our intestinal flora (to produce pesticides! not to mention altering the already critical balance/imbalance), and no one has ever proven that is reversible. And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to known harm of Genetically-Modified soy.

In these troubled times, I think we all need to be doing our best to undo the damage we've already incurred from accidentally ingesting these unnatural poisons...and doing our best to not taking needless risks of stressing our body even further.

We only have one body, eh?


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