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Re: yoo-hoo!
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: yoo-hoo!

 >>"Once upon a time no Europeans ate any kind of potatoes, yams, peppers, strawberries, blueberriesetc."<<

Yes, about 65% of food variety comes from the *New World*, however, with a few exceptions, most of it was wild varieties initially.

And their genes were modified to make them bigger, better stability, better flavor, more disease tolerance, etc.  Do you realize that if genes were not modified that corn would not exist the way it is today? Corn started out as tiny grass seeds.  So how would anyone have a tolerance to the constantly changing genetics of crops?  The answer is the body adapts.  We do not need the "ancestry" for certain foods.

>>"Because those are New World foods and they had not discovered the New World yet. Now Europeans and people of European descent thrive on those foods"<<

Again, my point... and adaptation to the food occurred.

And read my last response again because adaptation does no require long periods of time.  The body adapts to new foods very quickly.

Citrus... same thing... I know many people allergic to citrus to the point that they stop breathing just from the smell alone... they do not have the dietary adaptations, due to their ancestry to tolerate citrus.

Again what our ancestors ate has NOTHING to do with what we can or cannot eat today.

There is NO food that is ideal for everyone... and there is NO diet that is ideal for everyone... we have all adapted UNIQUELY, to different foods through our INDIVIDUAL ancestry.

No, we adapt to foods as we eat them.  Nothing to do with our ancestors.  Let me give you an example.  I was allergic to both mother's milk and cow's milk as an infant up to the age of 5. My ancestors had both, yet I till had allergies to these until I OUTGREW these allergies.  How did I outgrow my allergies like so many other children do?  Because what I was eating had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with what my ancestors ate.  It had to do with giving my adrenals time to mature since allergies stem from adrenal dysfunction, not what what some distant relative ate or did not eat.

If you love and tolerate soy and eat it every day... go for it... I would fall ill doing that... I almost gag just thinking of soy milk... but that is ME and my ancestry.

Gagging because of thinking of soy milk shows a psychosomatic reaction. This is not a physical reaction to the soy milk.  This is a great example of why people need to stop posting all the false propaganda about soy.  It leads to people developing psychosomatic reactions to soy because they think it is toxic and therefore the body follows through with how the subconcious mind believes the body should react.


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