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too late for me..treat candida immediatly dont mess around
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Published: 11 years ago

too late for me..treat candida immediatly dont mess around


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Teresa Bohren Griffin: June 30, 2006

Candidiasis is a condition that results when the friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract have been destroyed or overcome. Yeast organisms (which are always present in the body, but are kept under control by good bacteria) get out of balance and grow unchecked. Candidiasis is also known as a "Yeast Infection" or "Candida Albicans". Most people experience simple yeast infections at one time or another. Early manifestations may be a vaginal yeast infection, a rash (like diaper rash), athletes' foot, or oral thrush (yeast rash inside the mouth). These are so common they are often referred to as "JUST a little yeast infection". However, if these "minor" infections are not cured and recurrences prevented, the yeast may invade the bloodstream and spread throughout the entire body.

At this point it becomes "SYSTEMIC Candidiasis" because it may invade and weaken every system of the body (Digestive System from mouth to rectum, Circulatory System including blood pressure and the heart, Respiratory System, Endocrine and Reproductive System, Nervous System including the brain, and total Immune System). The only purpose scientists have found for the yeast in every human body is to assist the decomposition of the body after death. Candidiasis actually is yeast decaying the body while you are still living in it!

Systemic Candidiasis may lead to a wide variety of severe symptoms which mimic many other disorders, thus evading accurate diagnosis and treatment. Recently, medical doctors have begun labeling patients who manifest this SAME ROSTER OF SYMPTOMS as having Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Chronic Mononucleosis (Mono), Yuppie Disease, Neurasthenia, or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, etc.


Yeast may overgrow when Antibiotics , medications, drugs, birth control and hormone pills, and steroids (such as Prednisone and Cortisone) are taken. These medications tend to kill the good bacteria in addition to the bad bacteria that caused the present illness. This allows the yeast to reign freely until our Immune System beats it back once again.

The typical modern diet facilitates the problem. Refined sugars and high starch/carbohydrate foods give the yeast exactly what it needs to flourish. (This is why we add Sugar or honey to the yeast when we make bread! This is also why so many people CRAVE sweets and breads just as badly as an alcoholic craves alcohol--the yeast is screaming for fuel to keep ever growing!)

Another factor allowing yeast overgrowth is STRESS. Stress depresses or even shuts down the Immune System. It is noted that following a great stress (such as the loss of a mate) a person is more than likely to become seriously ill within the next year, as a result of that stress on the body.

When a history of multiple medications is combined with poor diet and high stress, the stage may be set for Systemic Candida.


In the First Stage of Candida, the mucous membrane areas of the body may be infected. These include the mouth, vagina, nose, and Respiratory System. Besides vaginal infections, severe P.M.S., urinary tract infections, body rashes, acne, and oral thrush, ALLERGIES to foods, dust, molds, fungus, yeast, inhalants, and chemicals are the most common symptoms. Each day more people seem to be allergic to everything in their environment. Repeated bouts of bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, and strep or staph infections may be typical. Mononucleosis and pneumonia may also be noted. It is easy to perceive that each of these successive illnesses requires more and more Antibiotics , which may open the door for further Candida overgrowth. Talk about a vicious circle!

The Second Stage of Candida may involve more generalized reactions such as PAIN, HEADACHES (including Migraine), EXTREME FATIGUE, PSORIASIS, INFECTIONS OF THE NAILS, MUSCLE ACHES, JOINT PAINS, AND ARTHRITIS. Naturally, drug after drug is usually taken in hopes of alleviating these miserable conditions. In most cases, the SYMPTOMS alone are being treated--while the CAUSE (Candida over­growth) may be literally being PROMOTED at the same time!

The Third Stage of Candida may involve MENTAL and BEHAVIORAL RESPONSES: Inability to concentrate, not being able to read or follow a television program or carry on a hobby, serious forgetfulness, memory loss, mental confusion, not being able to think of the words to say something, switching around of words and letters when trying to speak and/or write something, loss of previous skills (such as how-to-type or how-to-play-the-piano, etc.) These frightening problems may often lead to "HOPELESS CRYING" SPELLS, SEVERE DEPRESSION, SLEEP DISORDERS (may include insomnia, confusion dreams, nightmares, apnea, and not feeling rested or restored after sleep), IRRATIONAL THOUGHTS, UNUSUAL FEARS, PHOBIAS, PANIC/ANXIETY ATTACKS, MUSCLE TWITCHING, IRRITABILITY, VIOLENCE, AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR, and even EPILEPTIC SEIZURES and THOUGHTS OF DEATH OR SUICIDE. Sometimes people with these symptoms are labeled "Mentally ill", thought to be suffering from manic-depressive Psychosis or Schizophrenia. These desperately sick patients are sometimes turned over to the care of a psychiatrist or hospitalized in a mental institution. They may be given antidepressants, tranquilizers, lithium, etc. to lighten the mental symptoms. . But the CAUSE may be overlooked and the patient is not CURED on a long-term basis.

A person in the Fourth Stage of Candida may experience a virtual SHUTDOWN OF VARIOUS ORGAN SYSTEMS of the body. For example, the adrenal glands may stop functioning when the Endocrine System fails, or the Digestive System may stop, producing vomiting or severe constipation. The extreme fatigue may escalate into TOTAL MUSCLE WEAKNESS, such as the neck muscles no longer being able to hold up the head. The body rashes may escalate into HIVES or BOILS. The Circulatory System may be swamped with so much yeast that the capillaries are clogged, causing HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, NUMBNESS OF EXTREMITIES, and EASY BRUISING. The person may run a low-grade fever, but the hands and feet will often be very cold. The HEART may develop TACHYCARDIA (palpitations, irregular beats, mitral valve problems or heart murmur). In the Respiratory System, the alveoli (air sacs) of the lungs may be packed with yeast so that the person cannot get adequate breath for speaking, singing, or exercise; there may be a FEELING OF SUFFOCATION, which may lead to HYPERVENTILATION and PANIC. The complete failure of the Immune System leaves the body defenseless against all enemy bacteria, viruses, and disease conditions--including cancer.

The Fifth Stage of Candida seems inevitable at this point: rampant systemic Candidiasis is 100% fatal unless it is diagnosed early enough to kill the yeast overgrowth and regenerate the Immune System.


There is hope! Many are WELL again after following these steps:

1. KILL OFF YEAST by a special diet (NO starches, NO sugars, NO yeast, and NO dairy products for a period of at least four weeks). * Yeast-killing medicinal herbs and/or drugs MAY be taken as well, but they are optional, short-term, emergency treatment only. The ultimate GOAL is to restore THE BODY'S OWN ABILITY to control its own yeast. This can never be accomplished as long as drugs or medicinal herbs are being used to SUBSTITUTE for the body's proper, natural function.

2. FLUSH OUT DEAD YEAST with pure water/herbal cleansing teas.** Drink plenty.

3. EAT only raw, whole, unprocessed foods so that the body gets the level of nutrition required to (1) HEAL itself (regenerate tissues damaged by yeast) and (2) KEEP its own yeast under control from this point on.**

*NOTE: The short-term, rigid diet alone, although very important, is NOT sufficient to regenerate health and balance. Yeast-killing herbs and drugs may help destroy the yeast colonies, but they cannot, in themselves, lead to the regeneration of the body. Following a whole food, intense nutrition program without adherence to the diet markedly limits success. In sharing with people in all stages of Candida, my experience has been that it takes all three of the above steps to fully recover.

** I personally prefer to elevate my own levels of nutrients by using the Whole Food Concentrates to supplement the Anti-Candida Diet. I find Whole Food Beverages act as an effective cleansing drink/tea with a very pleasant tastein a form easily UTILIZED by the body.

It should be understood that the optimum source of nutrition for the body is our daily FOOD. Chemicals isolated FROM foods, commonly known as vitamin or mineral tablets, are NOT as easily recognized or effectively used by the body as whole foods are.

[Preventive Health Resource’s services do not replace the physician’s role in diagnosing medical conditions or prescribing medications. If you have medical problems, please consult your doctor. Anyone using Natural Health products does so by his own volition and at his own risk. Neither the manufacturer nor the seller is responsible for the use/misuse of the product or instructions. Use products only as directed.]


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