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Swollen Lymph Nodes, CT Results, Mold Exposure? fatigue, itchy back, dandruff, please help! Thanks
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Published: 11 years ago

Swollen Lymph Nodes, CT Results, Mold Exposure? fatigue, itchy back, dandruff, please help! Thanks

I made this post on another site, I asked for conventional medical attention. Because i've tried herbs and the lymph nodes haven't went away or got worse. I'm asking curezone for your best advice, be it be natural, going to a doctor, or any help. Thanks

I've had a few swollen lymph nodes for over a year, i'm a 28 year old male. The lymph nodes seem to go in a straight line circling from under my chin, jawline and back of neck (back of head). They aren't painful or anything. I haven't been sick, haven't had a fever, cough or anything.

A friend told me he had the double chin (swollen glands under chin) when he had infection from mouth and removing the teeth took care of the issue. Well I had 6 teeth removed in March 2010. The lymph nodes didn't go away so I finally decided to see a doctor. My doctor checked for lupus, hiv, and leukemia. He took blood, etc....everything came back negative and he said my blood work looked good, he didn't see any strain on my immune system or anything. Next he recommended me to an E.N.T. The e.n.t. noticed the swelling but said he didn't see any infection. He went ahead and provided me with Antibiotics for swollen salivary glands even though he said he doubt they would help since there's no infection. Next my doctor referred me in for a CT Scan of the neck. Here's a briefing of my results.


Submandibular and submental adenopathy is present. A left submental lymph node measures 1.6 x1.1 cm. Submandibular lymph nodes are demonstrated and are oval in shape but are subcentimeter in short axis but are over a centimeter in long axis. There are shotty internal jugular chain lymph nodes most notable in level 2-A and 2-B. Posterior triangle adenopathy is present. This is greater on the right with the largest measuring 1.8 x 1.2 cm. The lymph nodes are homogeneous in density and enhancement and there is not a central necrosis.

The parotid submandibular and thyroid glands are normal in size without focal lesion. There is not evidence of a right parotid mass.

The nasopharynx is narrowed due to prominence of the posterior nasopharyngeal soft tissues favoring enlarged adenoids. The nasopharynx is narrowed to 5mm on the lateral scout view. This superiorly contacts the posterior superior aspect of the nasal septum. There also is some prominence of the palatine tonsils which contact the uvula in the midline. There is asymmetry at the level of the larynx. Long dimension of the airway not in the AP dimension but is diagnol. The right piriform sinus is larger than the left and there also appear to be some asymmetry of the aryepiglottic folds which is thicker on the right. Gross mass lesion is not seen but the the findings may indicate evidence of some vocal cord paralysis or evidence of trauma.

The tongue is unremarkable and midline fat stripe is demonstrated.


mild cervical adenopathy is present as described. Lymph nodes are homogeneous in density without central necrosis. There's prominence of adenoids and palatine tonsils favoring some lymphoid hypertrophy.

Some soft tissue density in the visualized superior anterior mediastinum which is typically fat at this age. This may represent some residual thymus but adenopathy cannot be excluded. Chest CT may better evaluate.

I can't translate these results, lol, but my doctor said everything looks fine. No signs of the lymph nodes being cancerous. He told me there's really nothing else he can do, they've ran all these test and checked my blood, everything looks fine. He told me to carry on with my dental work. I was diagnosed with periodontal disease, I have since had a deep root scale cleaning on both sides of my mouth. That was over a month ago and all my lymph nodes are still swollen.

What do I do from here? What kind of doctor should I go see?

Other symptoms I have, constant dandruff regardless of shampoo, lots of brown reddish bumps on my back and arms that appear under the skin because i can't feel them, but they itch at times. Chronic Fatigue is another issue I have.

One other thing is the lymph nodes first appeared 3 months after moving into a studio apartment. This apartment is cost efficient for me. I can't afford to move until tax time. Everytime it rains the carpet gets wet by the door, which leaves a bad smell for 2 or 3 days, I usually put baking powder on the carpet. The carpet is very dirty and was present when I moved in, I don't think my landlord has the funds to fix the leak or change carpet and neither do I. Could my symptoms be coming from mold exposure? What kind of doctor do I go see for possible exposure to mold?


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