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Re: yoo-hoo!
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: yoo-hoo!

 And AGAIN, since 91% of soy products contain GMO soy, when you talk about soy you are talking about GMO soy over 90% of the time.

According to you.  Other sources say differently:

"It's estimated that 62 percent to 89 percent of all soy crops in the United States are from GMO stock."

And not all the soy goes to human food use but rather animal feed.  In addition the 62-89% is what is grown in the US, and does not include imported soy products.  Funny how you overlook these obvious facts.

Read more: 
What Is GMO in Soy Products? |

Read my last statement.

What do I eat? Do you want an entire month's menu or what?

As much as possible and depending on the season I try to eat such items as:

  • Wild caught Pacific Salmon 
  • Deep water fish  Fish from the oceans tend to be contaminated with heavy metals.
  • Organic free range beef  Beef contains hormones generated by the animal and animal flesh also provides inflammatory arachidonic acid that increases the risk of heart disease.  And don't forget all the uric acid that your but Mercola claims will be the death of you. Organic is rather misleading since it only means less exposure to toxins, not an absence of.  For example their water sources can be easily contaminated.  In addition it was recently being reported that the term "free range" was also misleading.  In order to be called "free range" all the animal has to have is simply access to the outside.  Even if the animal never goes outside as long as they have access to the outside they are "free range".  So even the cattle kept in pens outside are "free range".
  • Organic chicken
  • Organic free range eggs  See my explanation of organic and "free range".  Those chickens may have never seen the light of day, but would still be "free range".  And again chicken provide hormones, inflammatory arachidonic acid and the uric acid your guru Mercola is so paranoid of.
  • Organic cereal  Cereals are grains that contain phytic acid, which according to your anti-soy propaganda is a poisonous antinutrient. Grains used to make cereals are also great sources of protease inhibitors found naturally in seeds and which according to Mercola's thoughts are dangerous.
  • Raw organic goats milk  More hormones, and is not good with all the dangerous oxalic acid you are consuming.
  • Super foods powder made with organic wild crafted items modeled after a Dr. Schulze formula with added acerola cherry How many sources of phytoestrogens, protease inhibitors, oxalic acid and other compounds that Mercola claims are toxic are in this formula?
  • Organic baby spinach An oxalic acid source, which is a major irritant to the tissues, causes kidney stones and is another major toxin according to your own link to Mercola's anti-soy propaganda piece. Spinach is also a phytoestrogen source, which Mercola claims is dangerous.
  • Various other vegetables and fruits, organic as much as possible, including tomatoes, Tomatoes contain salicylates considered toxic by some as well as oxalic acid, protease inhibitors and phytoestrogens Mercola claims is dangerous asparagus,   Asparagus raises uric acid levels, contains oxalic acid and is phytoestrogen rich, all considered toxins according to your Mercola post. cauliflower, brocolli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, All 4 contain gotirogenic phytoestrogens and oxalic acid both of which your guru Mercola was claiming is dangerous in his link you posted. spring greens mix,  Most greens contain oxalic acid, which Mercola states is dangerous. dark seeded grapes,  Grapes are a major phytoestrogen source, which according to your Mercola post are very dangerous!!! blueberries, High in antinutrient tannins and flavonoids with phytoestrogen activity. bananas, Bananas and grapes are two of the heaviest pesticide laden foods there are.  Bananas also contain phytoestrogens that Mercola claims are dangerous. blackberries, strawberries, Both blackberries and strawberries are loaded with antinutrient tannins and contain flavonids with phytoestrogen activity.  yellow squash, zuchini, Squashes contain oxalic acid that Mercola claims is dangerous. watermelon, oranges, cantaloupe, honeydew, etc.) And all fours of these are again phytoestrogen sources, which Mercola claims are dangerous.
  • Various dried beans Beans contain oxalic acid, phytoestrogens and protease inhibitors both of which Mercola claims are dangerous.
  • Rice of various varieties  Rice is a source of protease inhibitors and phytic acid that Mercola claims is dangerous.
  • Rye bread Contains protease inhibitors, phytoestrgens and phytic acid that Mercola claims is dangerous.
  • Raw organic honey Ooohhh, very high in fructose, which according to Mercola is a major cause of all sorts of disorders and diseases.
  • Blackstrap molasses  Oh no, a highly processed product, which according to your own claims should be deadly.  Also contains a lot of iron that can feed many pathogenic bacteria and cancers.  The sugar in molasses can also feed cancer.
  • Yoghurt  Contains hormones and is dangerous to consume with all the toxic oxalic acid sources you consume.
  • Juices (Apple, dark grape, pomegranate, blueberry  Wow!!!! Loaded with those deadly phytoestrogens Mercola preaches about. Also full of antinutrient tannins.
  • Raw almonds Source of phytoestrogens and protease inhibitors, which Mercola claims are dangerous.
  • Organic whole garlic cloves and minced garlic  More carcinogenic and goitrogenic phytoestrogens.
  • Organic non-soy, canola or corn oil mayonaisse and other salad dressings  More phytoestrogens that Mercola claims are dangerous.  And Mercola does not like canola oil either.
  • Home grown jalapeno and cayenne peppers  More phytoestrogens that Mercola claims are dangerous.
  • Natural spring water

Dang, you better rethink your diet.  According to Mercola's claims alone you should be dead already from such as crappy diet full of more toxins than soy!!!!!

Do I always stick to the list? No, I stay with the above items a lot, but I do fudge sometimes and have a cheeseburger and tater tots on occasion or a occasional pizza a couple of times a month or a Coke once a week or so, and I have a sweet tooth that is always nagging away.

With all the toxins in your regular diet according to Mercola your cheeseburger, pizza and Coke are probably safer.

And yes, I still eat some canned goods and other items from the grocers -

You mean the cans providing all that BPA, which is a lot more dangerous than soy?

such as Uncle Ben's Long Grain & Wild Rice (it goes so well with steamed asparagus and baked salmon or other fish with lemon, butter and garlic).

Heavy, metals, protease inhibitors, purines, phytoestrogens, hormones........   Are you sure you want to consume all those toxins?

But as time goes by and finances allow, I am slowly replacing items from the regular grocers with healthier items from specialty stores and suppliers.

According to your claims and Mercola's claims you would have to be replacing your food choices with sterilized sand to make a healthier diet.  So again why are you SO paranoid about soy when you are consuming massive amounts of the same things that Mercola is claiming are antinutrients and toxins found in soy in your regular diet as well as others not found in soy?  Aren't you paranoid about all those toxins in your daily diet?


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