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Re: Close but no cigar

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Close but no cigar

 You certainly wasted a lot of time on that post. I hate to waste yet more of my time, and I know full well that you won't stop rebutting and justifying no matter what (look at what has happened with this thread, exactly as I warned might happen early on).  But here goes in part:

First of all, throw out most of what you warn about beef, chicken, eggs and goats milk.  I get all of those from a local family owned and operated organic farm where free range, cage free, no hormones, etc. applies. 

BONK!!! Wrong again!!!!!  If you read closer you would have found that I mentioned generated by the animals, not added.  Yes, these products contain naturally occurring hormones that are hundreds of times more powerful than the phytoestrogens that you and Mercola are so worried about.

And other toxins such as arachidonic acid, uric acid and ammonia are also NATURALLY found in the meats and more toxic uric acid is generated by the breakdown of all of these.  See according to your own evidence you are poisoning yourself.  This is why you should learn the real facts before posting.  It would save a lot of time for both of us and you would not spend so much time embarrassing yourself.

Second of all, you mistakenly protray me as a Mercola disciple, when the fact is that I have never taken everything Mercola says as gospel. 

Yes you have, his anti-soy propaganda.  Even after being thoroughly debunked you still take it as the gospel.  What I find the most fascinating though is watching you bash soy because of the so-called "toxins" in it, yet your diet is loaded with these same so-called "toxins".  So you are contradicting your own beliefs.

Deepwater fish contain the least heavy metals. 

Not necessarily true, but that is a whole other topic to educate you on.

Heavy metals are pretty much unavoidable from all kinds of sources, including plants. 

Still there are toxins, yet toxins removed from the phytic acid in soy.   If there were traces of heavy metals in soy you and Mercola I am sure would be all over it with more bashing claims.

Trace amounts of those metals are actually beneficial - they are part of the natural nutrional package the earth has provided and that we have adapted to over the eons. 

How are trace levels of mercury beneficial?  Thallium?  Uranium?.......

Excess heavy metals are eliminated with parsley,

Parsley?  Oh no, loaded with those toxic phytoestrogens, and also a rich source of toxic coumarins!!!!!


Same properties as that toxic parsley (Note that I am being sarcastic about the toxicity based on Mercola's paranoid claims that you like to follow).


I have never seen any evidence that spirulina chelates heavy metals.  Chlorella does that.  But spirulina raises levels of uric acid, which Mercola claims is dangerous.

and apple pectin - all of which I consume regularly.

While some imported products contain soy, we are a soy exporter in the first place and in the second place a very large amount of soy exported from other countries is GMO soy, and it is getting worse.  

We also export cars, and we import cars.  We export oil and we import oil.  We export wheat and lumber and we import wheat and lumber.  It is all part of trade agreements.  Do you want me to explain this simple concept to you as well?

Yes, estimates of GMO soy content vary - but virtually ALL agree that the large majority of soy in the US is GMO.  The source you quoted said estimates range up to 89%.  How is that significantly different than the 91% figure I quoted?

LOL!!!  Of course you focused on the upper estimate because it fits your agenda better.  And again a lot of that is fed to animals, and is not used in human consumption.

And most imports come from Argentina and Brazil, which are not using GMO soy:

Most US grown soy is being exported to China.

Regarding your previous post(s) where you stated that much of the GMO soy goes to cattle feed - how does that make GMO soy safer?  Do not those GMO soy fed cattle produce beef and milk which goes on to consumers?

Does it make it unsafe?  You are basing nearly all of your arguments on ASSUMPTIONS, not proven facts.  How do you know that these genes are not destroyed by the animal's immune system being foreign, or are broken down in the digestion process.  Again you are just assuming that it will be a danger.  And as I said previously I am not a fan of GMO either, but I can think of a number of things in our food supply that I would worry about more than GMO.

I wouldn't call arsenic safe if it were included in cow feed and then passed on to humans.

Yet apples have arsenic and you are consuming apple products.  Again you should research the facts before posting so you stop wasting so much time and making yourself look foolish.  Even the spirulina you ingest contains arsenic, which it has a high affinity for, as well as other heavy metals and as I pointed out earlier also elevates uric acid that Mercola claims is toxic:

"In addition, when spirulina is grown with the use of fermented animal waste fertilizers, contamination with dangerous bacteria could occur.28,32  There are also concerns that spirulina might concentrate radioactive ions found in its environment.29  Probably of most concern is spirulina's ability to absorb and concentrate heavy metals such as lead and mercury if they are present in its environment. One study of spirulina samples grown in a number of locations found them to contain an unacceptably high content of these toxic metals.33  However, a second study on this topic claims that the first used an unreliable method of analyzing heavy metal content,34  and concludes that a person would have to eat more than 77 g daily of the most heavily contaminated spirulina to reach unsafe mercury and lead consumption levels.

These researchers, however, go on to suggest that it is not prudent to eat more than 50 g of spirulina daily. The reason they give is that the plant contains a high concentration of nucleic acids, substances related to DNA. When these are metabolized, they create uric acid, which could cause

gout or kidney stones. This is of special concern to those who have already had uric acid stones or attacks of gout."



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