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Re: Pain In The Neck Area

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Hveragerthi Views: 2,031
Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Pain In The Neck Area

 I have always doubted I have thyroid problems because my tests have always come back normal. The last test said my TSH was 1.29 mIU/mL - the normal range being 0.340 - 2.500 mIU/mL.

I mentioned in my last post that laboratory thyroid testing is very inaccurate.  False normals can occur from elevated rT3 or simply the stress from going to the doctor and getting stuck with a needle, which will cause a temporary rise in thyroid hormones in to a normal level.  This is why basal body temperature is a more accurate way of determining thyroid function.

However, my blood pressure is low and cholesterol is high - 332,

These can also indicate hypothyroidism.  Although high cholesterol can also occur from poor liver function, which can also lead to the hormonal issues you mentioned below.

but the HDL is 65 and the ratio was 5.1 so I wasn't concerned having good dietary habits.

Triglycerides are high at 216. I never eat lunch meat, or for that matter nothing considered bad by the natural health experts.

Triglycerides go up with elevated blood sugar.   Hormones can be affecting the levels.

The rest of my bloodwork was in the optimal range with calcium level at 9.9

I had all my symptoms at the time of my blood test.

I don't have hardly any of the symptoms of parathyroidism, or swelling due to infection.

Still have them check PTH levels as well.

As far as the symtoms of hypothyroidism even though my lower body is extremely weak I don't feel sluggish and I'm always warm when every one else is cold, face is not puffy. My nails are not brittle and I have twice as much hair as normal. Hardly any pain.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism will depend a lot on whether it is T4 or T3 that is low or if rT3 is high.  But again I do not recommend on relying on lab tests and believe basal body temperature is more accurate.

I used to have heavier than normal periods, and sometimes depression, dry skin, rarely constipation (I take natural things that help), fatigue (it's had to tell since I can't do anything anyway). I do have unexplained weight gain... I'm about 26 or 27 lbs. overweight and can't lose it. It's a good thing I'm tall - 5'8". I was 20 lbs overweight when I was healthy and walked every day.

I do have stiffness, muscle weakness and hoarseness. I still have a few dark hairs on my chin to pluck every few days - even tho I take Vitex every day... they are not as dark or coarse as before. I know I have some hormone issues from this.

Have you done bitters for your hormones and cholesterol?  Hormones can also adversely affect your thyroid.

I think I think as before, but I have quit driving because I know I react slower than before.

I wish all my problems were due to my hormones. It would be too good to be true... but tests show otherwise.

Hormone tests in general are inaccurate due to the frequent changes in hormone levels.  Don't rely on the tests.  Symptoms are a much better indicator of hormone issues.

Oh I just remembered - for the last few weeks I've taken a shot of wheatgrass every day to see if it helps (it hasn't made a difference)... And I've taken kelp everyday - for along time, and your Thyroid Tonic.

There are still a number of things that can cause thyroid suppression.   I still recommend checking your basal body temperature daily for at least a week.


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