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Re: Pain after liver flush
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Pain after liver flush

Hi SuperDave,

I have been away from CureZone for nearly two years but recently came across your thread. I want to invite you to read my story at the CureZone address below:

I have done about 55 liver purges over the last 12 years doing the Hulda Clarke method with Olive Oil, fresh grapefruit juice and MgSO4. I've gotten out a good deal of stuff but I'm still in pain unrelated to eating.

I've gotten out so much stuff that I've come to the conclusion that the soft green pellets are not true gallstones because they are not hard and they melt later. At the same time, I don't think they are formed solely by the material I consume for the purge. I've come to believe that the green pellets are a form of "soap stone" made of the olive oil plus bile that gets force out of the gallbladder. So a whole lot of soft pellets means a whole lot of bile got squeezed out. I think this method could force out very small true gall stones. I also think that even under the influence of the MgSO4, the bile ducts will not open more that about 0.5 cm. Normally they are about 0.2-0.3 cm wide. I have gotten out green pellets that were over 1.5 cm in diameter which I think means they were formed in the intestines. Since I have never been diagnosed with gallstones in 4 ultrasounds, I'm not afraid anything will get stuck or torn during the flush.

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure my pain is due to some sort of biliary fatigue due to flushing. Now, I'm almost addicted because I do get a few days pain free after the flush.

My gastroenterologist has told me that he can find nothing wrong and that surgery would not be helpful. So he has offered me reassurance. That was an interesting offering. I am currently taking milk thistle capsules and Actigall meds from my GP, who basically thinks it is a waste of time. She gave the Actigall to me because she doesn't know what to do with me and I asked her for the Actigall which is a bile salt that the body naturally makes. In the normal dose, Actigall, should help wash out any soft plugs or thin out the bile and promote normal emptying of a sluggish gall bladder.

I was first diagnosed with a sluggish gall bladder after a Hida scan where the ejection fraction was about 27%. I did a year of herbs and flushed every 2 months. The next Hida scan showed an ejection fraction of 97% (unusually high) but the test was very painful with strong contractions. So one can improve ejection fraction with flushes but at a cost.

Actigall is an old school treatment for biliary sludge but not for hard gallstones and it takes 6 months to 2 years to clean out the thick bile. Gall bladder removal is the fast way to eliminate pain. I opted to keep my gall bladder for a while longer as I think it helps in digestion.

I found acupuncture to not be helpful consistently. I did find some help by massaging the area over my Sphincter of Oddi, which can be found midway between the navel and the bump on the front of the right hip bone. Sometimes a half teaspoon of MgSO4 is useful followed by a tablespoon of good oil; I like the taste of grape seed oil. A salad with vinegar and oil dressing would probably be just as good. Also I find doing slow, sustained twisting exercises are useful as I can hear stuff being squeezed out.

I hope I live longer for having a cleaner liver but the pain getting there makes me wonder why I ever started to do liver purges since I had no pain before starting the purges. I no longer believe that there is stuff in my liver or gallbladder clogging up my system. I did all those purges because I was convinced that something was stuck. I now think I irritated my biliary system. I might be wrong, who knows.

I have started to used hot castor oil packs to move the liver blood around. This is comforting in the morning and it helps delay the onset of pain until later in the day. It also helps me to fall back asleep if I wake up too early. Also it helps with mood problems by getting the blood circulating.

So how are you doing? Well I hope.

Bye for now,


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