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Re: Brain Calcification

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Brain Calcification

 Do you believe that someone could get "brain calcification" of the whole brain/head? I've heard of people getting calcification on parts of their brain due to head injuries but have you heard of anybody getting all over their brain?

The whole brain? No, you would be dead.  Calcification can kill brain neurons though.  This is one of the leading hypotheses on the cause of Alzheimer's.  If all the neurons were killed by calcification though there would be no way to survive.

I was in an auto accident about 17 years ago where I hit my head on the steering wheel knocking me unconscious for about an hour or two. I have a "raised scar" on the top of my head where it happened.

Raised scars like that are called keloids.

I think it's right where the frontal lobe is located, that area. It's right on the top of my head towards the front over my right eye, but on the top of my head. This is where my head hit the steering wheel.

Is is possible it's on my frontal lobe and this is causing all my problems with brain fog, depression, really poor sleep, anxiety, etc?

Yes, it is possible that the brain was damaged from the forces applied to it.  If you hit hard enough then this is even more likely.  Not only from the force of the impact itself but also from the brain slapping against the inside of skull.

If so is there anything I can do for something like this? I've heard that once the frontal lobe is damaged that there is nothing that can be done.

Actually brain tissue can grow.  This is done daily as the basis of learning as information encodes on the new neural nets being developed.  A few things to look in to that can help speed the process are lecithin granules, TMG and Rife units using a 666hz frequency.

I know I'm hypothyroid and have adrenal fatigue but could a calcification of this type in fact cause the problems or would the issues with the thyroid and adrenals be the culprit?

There are a lot of possibilities.  Brain injuries, thyroid, adrenals, hypercalcemia, liver issues leading to elevated ammonia, medications, etc.

My whole head or more so brain just feels like one large block of concrete. My motor skills are off at times but do come back. I have a problem with dizziness and being off balance.

Again there can be several possibilities such as spinal misalignment, visual disturbances, inner ear disorders, etc.

The hospital did a Cat Scan on me hours after the accident and it showed nothing.

An MRI would have probably been a better choice.  And a follow us scan would be helpful.  They would have originally looked for bleeding in the brain.  But brain lesions from the injury would take time to develop.

I also had neurological testing years later and that came back normal as well.

Are you talking about an EEG?

I know this seems a bit off the subject but what do you think about the psychological condition known as "De-personalization"? Does it originate from something physical? I've had psychological testing and nothing came back that would explain this. In other words, according to my psych docs, who have done psychological and neurological testing on me, there is nothing wrong yet I'm always in a different world. I always have to ask people to repeat what they said cause I didn't catch it the first time. I was off in another zone as usual. I seem to walk, talk and think in completely dream world most of the time.

Most neurological disorders like this are generally related to a lack or excess of specific neurotransmitters.  In this case though it sounds like problems with nerve transmission may be the most likely culprit.  This could be from either a lack of neurotransmitters or maybe lesions blocking the pathway.  So it could be either chemical or structural or even both.  There is just not enough known about it yet.


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