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Grocery Stores

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steven41 Views: 1,699
Published: 11 years ago

Grocery Stores

As i was walking thru the grocery store,and walking down the isles,I looked at all the toxic foods......I see all the canned foods,even the canned veggies,as poison to the human body....Loaded with salts and preservatives,and even a certain amount of the can that its in,has desolved into the foods also........The potato chip isle is probaly one of the worst of all.....The potato turns into pure sugar,mixed with salt,and then the burnt grease/aka as bad colosteral......This three team combonation is one of the worst combos to put in the human body.......When you mix salt and sugar together,it instantly raises the blood pressure,and the greese/oil that the chips are fried in,cloggs the liver/arteries......For example:Olive oil in itself is a powerful aid to the human health/aka as new colosteral,,,,,But,,Once you heat the olive oil,you change it,,,,,,you burn it,,,,,thus making it different.....The oil before cooked is good,,but once cooked,,,you burn it....Think about this,,,,,,Have you ever went to get a oil change in your car,and told the mechanic to just put in some used/burnt oil.....Never,,,,Why,,,,,Because the Oil is burnt from the heat and friction of the motor,and what was once good when put in,is no longer the same.....That why fried food bring so harm to the human body......Good colosteral flowes with the blood.It is what lubricates the joints,organs,skin,hair......But once the oil is burnt,it cloggs and jells like cold jelled grease on the stove........Then it can not absorbe properly into the small intestines.....There is probally more of a chance of it coating the walls of the intestines,and sealing off,so to speak,and making it harder for the good nutrients to get to the blood.........People seem to always as me what they can add to their diet to get healthier,,,,,and my responce is always,adding something good to the bad,is never the solution.......You have to stop consuming the bad foods first,to get the best results.....If you just mixing good foods to your poisoned food,,,,,,,,at best,,,,,,and i say,,,,at best,,,your just deluting things down,and only making a small impact on heading toward good health......One of my greatest desires is to start a health farm retreat of sort,for people to come to,say,for like three months,and put them thru a program of all thats needed to get them back into good health........I have a brother-in-law,Mark,who is on day 14,of his juice fast today..He has been a good student,and told me how he has been pursacuted by all,on this fast,and i told him,its par for the course......He said that Juice Fasting would be part of his life from now on......I told him how proud i was of his jurney....This is his longest fast,to date........But most folks cant seem to stand up to the persacution of the people around them,and that why i feel that a safe haven retreat would be good for those that are serious about getting healthy......Steven West

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