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You might want to avoid oxalates after Mirena

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Published: 12 years ago

You might want to avoid oxalates after Mirena

Remember my distraught post about drinking/peeing too much yesterday? Apparently I have been poisoning myself with oxalates. The extreme thirst and constant urination were just my body's way of trying to deal with the toxic overload. You see, when I started low-carbing, I got in the habit of eating salads. Pretty much breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was a great way to get my roughage, and the doc who put me on Healthy For Life (the version of low carb I use) said veggies at every meal, so I complied. My problem? I HATE iceberg lettuce, and romaine is only a hair more appetizing to me. So what did almost all of my salads consist of? Spinach, of course!

Now before you think me a total idiot, you should realize that I suspected too much of a good thing could be bad. I had even heard of oxalate and oxalic acid occasionally causing toxicity, with regards to sorrel and rhubarb. So I had googled and googled, but could find no reference to people who had trouble consuming 6 ounces (or more) of spinach per day. In fact I found one woman who said she had no trouble and had been consuming a POUND of spinach a day. So I didn't give it much more thought until things got out of control the last few days. Needless to say, I started googling again.

All I could find at first were reports of animals who had been poisoned by grazing in areas of high oxalate-content greens. Which got me to thinking...humans ARE animals, like it or not...surely we must be affected by this as well? So I started googling oxalate plus my symptom names...diarrhea, thirst, bladder pain, asthma...until I hit something. A few things actually.

Here was one of my tip-offs:

and here's another:

Needless to say, I'm reducing my oxalate intake now! The sad thing is, there are SO MANY high-oxalate foods that are good for you...carrots, broccoli, brussels sprouts...almost anything green, leafy, cruciferous or healthy...including nuts and seeds! Still, I don't think I'll have too much trouble making the transition, as a low-oxalate diet is almost by definition low carb (most grains contain oxalates too; only meat, eggs & dairy seem to be safe zones).

Do I think this is going to be a cure-all? Heck no! In fact, from what I've been reading over at the Trying Low Oxalates yahoo group (, the detox process can be worse than the process of getting poisoned, especially if you start detoxing too quickly by lowering your oxalate intake too severely. So while yesterday I was immediately trying to avoid all oxalates, I have changed my game plan. I'll be cutting out spinach and broccoli for sure, but keeping things like sweet potatoes and blueberries, at least for a week or two.

Apparently the ability to properly deal with oxalates is part genetic, and part a function of your intestinal flora, which can be massively upset by use of Antibiotics . Also, you can't ever completely avoid oxalates...they are actually made by our bodies...but you can definitely decrease your exposure via diet.

So anyhoo, I wanted to make sure I updated y'all, since almost everyone here seems bent on handling these symptoms with foods and other of nature's remedies. I know that's the approach I've been taking, given the horrible effects that putting too much man-made crap (like Mirena!) in my body have had. I also wanted to apologize for being so incoherent yesterday...when I went back and read my post, I could barely understand MYSELF! Thanks for listening, and I hope this helps someone else. :)

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