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Re: gene leakage
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: gene leakage

My comment is that I agree with you completely.  We are finding that "better living through chemistry" is anything but that, especially when combined with nutritional deficiencies in our over-processed foods and junk foods and our produce from mineral-depleted soils.  Health and illness begin at the cellular level, which is another way of saying what you have done such a good job of telling us:  It's all about the terrain.  Bechamp knew as did those who followed his footsteps and expounded on his work - such as Claude Bernard, Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, Gunther Enderlein, Gaston Naessens and Arthur Kendall.

As those notable figures could tell you, disease begins from the inside out and not from the outside in via the introduction of some kind of bug (pathogen).  Pathogens such as viruses are constantly being introduced to our systems.  In some instances there are viruses that virtually all of us carry within our bodies all of the time.  Why then do only a minority become ill in most instances?  Genetic pre-disposition, certainly and, as the topic you introduced infers, increasingly.  Genetic predispostion or not, in most instances disease occurs when viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc, find an unhealthy terrain ripe for exploiting.

In addition to toxins and unnatural radiation combining with nutritional deficienciencies, those unnatural harbingers of illness are also causing changes in our genome altered which create even greater susceptiblity to disease, as you pointed out.

There have been so many vaccines and other drugs, along with thousands of largely untested manmade chemicals, introduced into our environment and bodies with so little understanding of how they may interact or what long-term effects may be.  We are all living - and dying - experiments and I suggest that the weakened immunity, lessened fertility and sperm count, increases in chronic illness across all age groups, and, quite recently, signs of lifespans beginning to decline, are evidence aplenty of what some of the effects are.

Mainstream medicine, which has thoroughly bought into the highly profitable Pasteur germ theory, believes that there are no fewer than 10,000 different diseases and conditions which have to be uniquely treated or prevented with drugs and other mainstream procedures.  They are taught virtually nothing, and thus advize virtually nothing, about the importance of proper nutrition, cleansing and avoidance of toxins which will create a healthy terrain which will naturally ward off disease and illness.  There's no profit in doing so.  It is virtually certain that their unnatural vaccines and other drugs which are supposed to prevent disease and treat disease are ultimately causing disease by the introduction of their own unnatural toxins whose results are both direct disease and indirect disease by altering our cellular terrain as well as altering our genetic makeup.

Combine all the above with a medical and social paradigm which rewards survival of the weakest, and it is easy to envision a dire future unless we somehow wake up and begin treating our bodies, our food and our environment as sacred temples instead of refuse bins.

Thanks for posting the topic - it is a vital one.


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