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Re: Everything I've learned about adrenal fatigue...

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Hveragerthi Views: 133,069
Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Everything I've learned about adrenal fatigue...


hveragerti has been debunked finally

1) wap is funded by the pastuerized milk syndicate lol!
where is your evidence hveragerti?

oh, as usual there is none

I see you decided to attack over things you are clueless about.  Nowhere did I say anything about pasteurized milk.  So you are lying in an effort to make a point.  So you credibility already went down the toilet.  As their site sates they get money from farmers.  This includes dairy farmers.  So maybe you should spend more time doing research rather than going off half cocked making yourself look foolish.

2) adaptogens will save the world!

oh wait, they don't work well for a lot of people. oops! there goes the cornerstone of my hveragerti protocol. i sure hope people will just fall in line and listen to me if i repeat myself enough in an authoratative manner. mary enig has a ph.d. but who cares, i know more than any wap shill any day.

Another lie.  Boy are you on a roll.  I never claimed adaptogens will save the world.  In addition if you had done your homework again you will have seen where I advise avoiding some adaptogens such as Panax ginsengs and rhodiola.

Liver Flushes don't work.

oh wait, hordes of people on curezone have taken care of that one. lol!

ROTFLMAO!!!!!!  The so called "liver flushes" have been discredited to the hilt!!!!  Since you were asking for evidence above I will ask the same.  Where is the evidence "liver flushes" work?  Oh, that's right, there is none.  No wonder nobody ever came up with any the numerous times I have asked for it in the past.  Again if you did your homework before posting you would have found that this quackery has been thoroughly debunked over and over.

4) messing around with neurotransmitters and amino acids is totally safe, i read it on medline.

oops!! i had no idea it could actually be dangerous. gee whiz i thought i fully understood all the pathways in my intro to chem textbook from 9th grade. who woulda thought it could be more complex than i could understand. oh well.

Who even claimed that messing around with the neurotransmitters and amino acids is totally safe?  I know I did not.  Being that you actually somehow managed to make it to the 9th grade though you should also be aware that even drinking water can carry risks.

lookey who got the 
BSA and who got only 2 r's. (probably from the posse too - hey posse hurry up and r me, there is someone here who knows more than me, panic!)

It appears most everyone knows more than you.  That is why most people here on CZ do not have to make up lies and misrepresentations to make their points.  People who really know what they are talking about don't need to play games like you are doing.

and the big one--

the adrenal glands are responsible for all colon problems, liver problems, lung problems, lol!

Again, this was never said.  I don't know what you are sniffing or smoking to come up with this crap but it has to be illegal.  

And again, I never made these claims as you are implying.  In fact as an example a poster put up a post about her two children being sick.  And the primary symptom was diarrhea.  Did I claim it was an adrenal problem?  Of course not.  I said it was a bacterial infection and that kefir was the best choice.  Guess what the infection was?  A bacteria called salmonella.  And the kefir I recommended helped.

And since we are talking about the colon here are some more for you.  Constipation can also result from a lack of flora, which generate the serotonin that regulates intestinal peristalsis.  So here is another example of a colon problem where the seat is not with the colon itself, but rather a lack of the flora that inhabit it. 

Many parts of the body have effects on other parts of the body.  So colon is not always the seat of colon problems.  The liver is not always the seat of liver problems........   If a person develops kidney failure from E. coli infection is the seat of the problem the kidneys or is it the bacteria?  If a person develops liver failure from taking ibuprofen or from sepsis is the seat of the problem the liver?  Or is it the drug or sepsis?

oh wait, maybe the -- colon -- is the seat of colon problems and the liver is the seat of liver problems. who woulda thunk it?

Obviously you have no clue how the body really works.  For example, hypothyroidism can cause constipation.  So the thyroid can be the seat of a colon problem and thyroid problems can lead to non-thyroid gland issues.  To take it further, the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands all have regulatory effects on the thyroid.  So again you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about.

the adrenal fatigue emperor has no clothes.

seems like anyone who actually has great information is some sort of threat to the hv emperor, kinda weird....

LOL!!!  Go back and read the original thread.  Then read the suggestions made by myself on my forum.  You will notice that much of the information provided by the poster came from my recommendations, such as magnesium malate.   Again if you made it past the 9th grade you would have had enough sense to do your research before going on your little tirade so you would not have made such a fool of yourself.


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