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Re: Neighbors possibly complaining about my bo

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Neighbors possibly complaining about my bo

Thanks for your reply and I totally understand where you are coming from it is very hard to deal with I use to cry where I use to live every time I heard my stupid neighbors complaining; then I thought to myself one day you know what I don't care what they think I'm gonna leave my windows open if I want I'm gonna use my backyard whenever I want I was thinking you know we are paying rent here we don't live here for free and have every right like everybody else to enjoy our house. At the last house I lived the neighbors were horrible towards me laughing loudly saying like big surprise it stinks again being sarcastic or I don't know who could live in that house it smells horrible. Then the day I'm looking forward to moving a group of people passing by our house while we are filling the uhaul truck up look towards my way and start laughing loudly and me and my sister said do you want to help or something since you are looking so hard why don't you help lol at that moment I didn't care I was tired and pissed and the last thing I needed was a reminder about how bad I smelled. I also had to deal with my sister's boyfriend and his friend who was helping us move laughing as they wre moving our furniture saying it must be dirty and I knew they were saying these comments towards my bo because like my bed stinks like me and it was embarassing and I got angry and said if you don't like the way things are here then you can leave or say it to my face. I was pissed lol I'm not usually confrontational but you can only take so much what I call it is harassment and my sister's boyfriend knows I have a bo issue and for him to be that insensitive made me mad. Yet I know being confrontational is not the answer but that day I felt like I needed to stand up for myself. I also had to deal with high school kids passing by laughing loudly saying damn it smells around here they could literally smell me from the sidewalk while I was in the computer room with the windows closed my bo is that bad. Then the negihbors across the street would look at me everytime I tried to get fresh air and had my window open. Cars would speed by and I would see people laughing or covering their noses and I knew it was becuase of me. My boyfriend think I'm crazy he is like come on now nobody can smell you from a distance and I know they can for the fact that everyone reacts that way whenever I was in the computer room or opened my window for fresh air. Where I live now I only heard the neighbors once complain and I'm still not sure if it was related to my bo but what I heard was them telling the other neighbor it's not my fault and laughing and cleaning thier roof and saying pick up any poop or garbage from the yard and if that does not help we'll send the landlord over there and I'm almost sure they were talking about my house. I got upset like here we go again but I don't think they know it is my bo they probably think it's poop in our yard or our pets since we have 2 dogs and 2 cats and they are way more repsctful then my last neighbor they don't purposely go outside and make fun of the odor and try to get my attention that way they seem like the have more repsect and I appreciate it. The main guy who lives there does not even seem bothered much I have never heard him say a rude comment about my bo but his dad owns the house and comes over every now and then and he is the only one I hear making comments but I don't think he knows it is bo related. Well we will see how it goes for me lol the positive side of this is it is only one neighbor who seems to notice it and I live in a deadend street so I don't have to deal with people passing by my house everyday. The other neighbors on the other side are kind of far from me so they don't notice it. I'm sorry to hear you are going through so much with this bo it is so hard and nobody understands until they been in your shoes. I have dealt with this rude comments too like I heard once what's wrong with her people can be so unkind and don't seem to care if they hurt your feelings and I think to myslef watch what you say because you may one day be in the same situation whats goes around comes around is one of my favorite sayings and it is so true. You keep your head up and try your best to ignore those idiots. The way I look at it is we all have burdens in life and mines just happens to be a bo and I know it does not make it any easier to deal with but just think life could be worse. I know people act like we want to have a bo they don't know how frustrating and hard it is for us to live a normal life with this bo. I just count my Blessings whenever I get very down about my bo like thank you God for my family and pets etc. I know what you mean about the store my boyfriend does all the grocery shopping for us I barely ever leave the house and I am plannimg on getting psychological help because this bo has hurt me alot mentally it has hurt my self esteem and I know I'm somebody and I am meant to be here and am Blessed in many other ways but it is so hard to get use to rude comments constantly whenever I leave the house and be treated like a thing not a person with feelings I am now paranoid if I do leave the house so I need to see a professional sometime but I am even scared to do that for fear of rejection. I had a friend tell me you need to get a job and I'm like you don't know what I'm going through you have no idea what my life is like becuase you don;t have a bo it's easier said then done.I stay up hella late so by the time I go to sleep it will probably be almost time for the neighbors to get up so they don't have to smell me too long but and the only reason I'm considerin gthier feeling is because they have not been overly rude but I don't really care what they think. I also am a night person lol so I tend to stay up late anyways but if I feel like going to sleep early I will. We just got to pray and try our best to stay strong God will help us deal with this and I'm prainyg one day I find a permanent solution to this bo. Also how did you find out you had TMAU? I pray things get better for both of us and feel free to message me anytime if you need to vent I'm hear to listen becuase venting really does help when going through something like this.I really appreciate your reply I thought when I put this last posting people were gonna think I'm crazy but your reply made me feel like ok I'm not there is someone else going through this. God Bless you:)

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