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Re: To everyone and Jorge
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: To everyone and Jorge

No, I am not saying anything like that. It is just the facts. You have to take antifungals to overcome it. You have to find the optimal point were you kill as much fungus as possible while the associated levels of candidatoxins are the less detrimental to immune function. It means taking high dose antifungals with high level candidatoxins is not the solution; taking lower dose on long period of time is the solution to limit suppressive effect on immune restoration.

The optimal point would be to eliminate the Candida infection from your body as quickly as possible. The longer your body is infected with Candida, the more harm it does.
Just to make sure I understand you, are you saying that it's better on your immune system to have a long drawn out process of toxin release vs. a quick short burst of toxin release?
While Candida is infecting your body, it is also releasing toxins as part of it's normal metabolic process, so you would have those toxins causing damage as well as the toxins that are being released from the yeast cells that are being killed off over a long period of time if you choose the long drawn out treatment method. Can you explain how this is better for you?
I believe you didn't same the same illness. You had a yeast overgrowth.
I had a fungal infection in my esophagus (which is also apart of the gastrointestinal tract). It was not just an overgrowth. If you want to see it I already posted the pics from my endoscopy. Quite gross to look at but it will give you an idea of the severity of the infection. Please tell me how that is different from the Candida infection that you (or anyone else here) is or might be suffering from?
You didn't have intestinal chronic erythemateous candidiasis.
You're making intestinal Candida sound more grand than other areas affected by Candida by adding "erythemateous" to the name. Erythematous candidosis is just the term used for the red lesions of candidiasis, nothing more. 
Fungus didn't go intracellular in your gut.
As far as I know I did not have a Candida infection in my intestines, but that was not verified clinically because I only had an upper endoscopy which revealed the esophageal Candida infection. It's quite possible that it was also infecting my intestines as I also had IBS symptoms, itchy anus, gas, bloating, and other symptoms that would indicate an intestinal Candida infection, however I am not able to verify it since I wasn't tested for it there, so I only ever mention my esophageal infection.
This is 2 differents clinical condition.
It was a fungal infection in my gastrointestinal tract. How is the condition different, besides the location? It was still a fungal infection that attached and sprouted roots in the walls of my esophagus.
Please tell us your symptoms and the evolution of the illness overtime. If you success in overcoming an intestinal chronic erythemateous candidiasis in 14 days, then there is a lot of hope for us. Tell us how you did.
But short version is, Symptoms: Bad breath, IBS, itchy anus, trouble concentrating, brain fog, feeling of tiredness, sensitive to several foods, anxiety, etc., Treatment: A combination of one prescription anti fungal along with natural anti fungals, and then a diet (healthy, well-balanced) and lifestyle change that I have followed ever since. 
And yeah, I think anyone who is suffering from a Candida infection can recover from it, so I do think there is hope for everyone.

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