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Psychological effects of Candidiasis
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Published: 10 years ago

Psychological effects of Candidiasis

As some of my symptoms are falling off I've noticed the following things of how Candida changed me. The weird thing is the changes gradually happened and I didn't realize when one subtle thing started, until I realized I was literally falling apart every which way and I was a total mess.

Anyway. I was hyperactive, ie. I couldn't stand in a single place for a minute, I had to constantly be moving, my mind was in a rush. I was jittery, nervous, anxious, and paranoid as well. I was always talking and didn't make much sense, it was as though I had ADD. Now I'm usually calm and composed.

I couldn't fall asleep which had to do with being jittery, nervous, and paranoid, my dreams also sucked they were the same dreams over and over again and often had me as a miserable loser while those around me were succeeding.

I find I can hear music much clearer now, I listen to the same songs I heard when I was at my lowest and they sound like totally different songs now.

I found at my lowest I had a raging sex drive. This might come across as bizarre to many people that have a diminished sex drive from Candida, but mine was raging and constant. Now it is normal. I think the reason for this is the aldehyde that was constantly being released, before I had the same insane sex drive from heavy drinking, alcohol definitely has a positive effect on my sex drive, at least for me.

Now Physical:

Very pale fluffy loose stools have turned to normal brown colored soft stools. I'll still occasionally get a fluffy loose stool session, but it was everytime before.

Projectile vomit. No longer.

Constant sinus infections. Now go away in a day or two if I get them at all.

Good skin. This is bizarre but my skin never got dry before, now it is, I always wondered why it never got dry when everyone else's did.

I also feel I had a baby face as though my face wasn't aging at the same rate as others. I will happily give up youthful appearances, soft skin, and a raging sex drive to get the beast that is Candida off me.

White tongue. My tongue is usually pink now and it seems to be pink for longer parts of the day. It still usually turns whitish when I wake up, but it seems to be getting pinker and pinker everyday. After I eat breakfast it is usually pink for the entire day. Sometimes it still turns whitish though, usually when I have an offending food.

These are some of my observations, I'd like to hear other peoples.

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