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Image Embedded Large worms in my shoulder/chest
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Published: 11 years ago

Large worms in my shoulder/chest

Hi Doc,
Can you please advice me on how to get rid of these possible parasites? I will try anything. I tried the rife machine and it made them move from my shoulder to my chest. I stopped, because I was afraid they would move to my heart. I will try whatever you suggest. Thanks you so much. Please see below. I also attached pictures and a video.

I have things growing under my skin on my right shoulder. I only saw them on my left shoulder a couple times. For all I know, they could be all throughout my body, but this is where the skin is thinnest with no fat. For the most part they are on my right shoulder. They started off the size of rice and over approx. a 3 year period, have grown to about an inch long and thick. Thats just what I can see. They might be longer, but that's the part that shows itself. I am not sure exactly when they started and which symptoms came first. I had lyme disease, so I thought it was the lyme and didn't think anything of the bumps.. It started with the bumps.....I think, then a severe pinched nerve in the same shoulder, lasting 3 months, eye twitch lasting 3-4 months, instant eye bags overnight, hair loss, eczema on my legs, stiff neck & back, headaches and tired. I've been to dermatologist, and the best Infectious disease doctors in Phila. They are all clueless. The problem is, these possible parasites appear and disappear. As far as I can see, because I usually have clothes on, they usually come up sometimes after the shower. It happens a few times a week. While I am drying off, I stretch my shoulder back and sometimes they are there. There could be one or two or 15! There is no rhyme or reason as to when or how many pop up. When they were small, I could touch them and they would take 5-10 seconds to disappear. There is no movement otherwise and no itching, burning or feeling on my part, only visual. As time went on, they got bigger and more of them. Now, as soon as I touch them, they disappear. I am alarmed because they started as 4 and now I've seen as many as 15 or more. I don't even have time to take a picture, because they rise up and down so fast.
Five days ago, I went to a health food store and he put me on a RIFE machine and sent me home with a black walnut and woodworm liquid ,along with a solvent DMSO, to drive the herbs into my skin. I applied both, and after about 30 minutes I looked and 2 long bumps popped up. I touched them and they took awhile to go away. They were pretty firm to the touch. They never came up like that before, without a shower. I am at my wits end. After doing the herbs and rife, they seem to be on the move. I guess I disturbed them. For approx. 3 years they lived on my shoulder, after the rife machine and herbs, they have now traveled down to my chest. I am nervous they will travel to an area I can't see them, or worse, my heart. I stopped the rife, but am taking the herbs systemically.

If you have heard of this or know of anything that would help, I would really appreciate it. Please see pictures, as they've progressed, smallest to larger. The picture make the bumps look smaller. These were taking months ago and now there are many many more bumps.

Thanks so much for your time.
PS. In the past 9 years, I've been to Belize, China, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Rep, Dominica, St Lucia, Panama, Hawaii, Montana, and Florida.



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