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Magnesium deficiency and imbalances

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Published: 11 years ago
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Magnesium deficiency and imbalances

Every symptom you talked about in a recent post, are associated with a severe mineral imbalance, and especially a severe magnesium deficiency. I could give you endless links to symptoms of magnesium deficiency and specific health conditions associated with it--including diabetes and blood sugar issues, but a person learns best for themselves when they have to dig in and do their own researching.

"Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency", seriously G. look it up. Calcium causes muscle contraction. Magnesium has to be in balance for the other side of the teeter totter balance, because it is the muscle relaxant.
Your post further down the forum says:

During the cellular detox, these drugs cause seizures, tho what I experienced was not life threatening. I added the charcoal quickly in the hopes it would pull some of these poisons out of the blood thru the intestinal system. My experiment with this seemed to work some. The mini seizures slowed down and stopped. The pain continued and intensified for aperiod of time. The pressure in the brainstem, brain and spinal cord gets to be extremely painful. There is a pulling on the brainstem that makes the neck pull backwards, locks the neck up and the person is unable to move their head from side to side.

Because of the muscle spasms everywhere as the drug comes out of the tissues, it may be that the spinal fluid won't circulate right. I have no proof of this, but when I tried to walk, my legs locked up because of the pressure in my CNS, my vision became like looking thru a semi-transparent piece of milky glass and I began to have signs of losing consciousness, so I had to slow my pace of walking down. This has been so debilitating for 2 months that I havent' even been able to got to the store for supplies or food. I live alone, so it's been difficult for me. Maybe ye all didn't have to know this part of it, but who else may be in a similar circumstance and find theselves disabled for a period of time and need help to get thru this. This has come to the point during the worst of it when I couldn't walk or stand on my feet because of the CNS pressure.

A few days ago I was at my friend's house--the only person I have as support around here. The pain and pressure got so bad I called an ambulance. The muscle spasms in the CNS cause the person to not be able to expand their lungs and get enough air. Therefore, for anyone going thru this, I recommend a little tanked oxygen as necessary. It causes pressure on the heart and circulation. It causes pressure on any other part of the bodylike the bladder and digestive system--anywhere the drug is coming out that affects bodily functions.
Just one quick search found this, every organ in the body is affected by a magnesium deficiency and electrolyte imbalance. A deficiency with magnesium usually shows a potassium deficiency too. People literally die from a severe magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium deficiency is thought to be closely related to coronary heart disease, including myocardial necrosis. An inadequate supply of this mineral may result in the formation of clots in the heart and brain and may contribute to calcium deposits in the kidneys blood vessels, and heart.

When there is more of a deficiency, you can start getting headaches, pain in the lower back, stiff, tight muscles, particularly in the back. It can then progress to muscle cramps, calcium deposits, muscle twitches and tics and high blood pressure. You can start to get nervous, feel like you're getting old, have trouble sleeping and wake up feeling tired.

You body can go into spasms, involuntary and abnormal muscular contractions and jerks. It can progress to chest pain, called angina pectoris. You heart can start racing and can go out of rhythm.

There are study's that show that fibromyalgia is associated with magnesium deficiency.

All because of a deficiency of magnesium? The body cannot function unless it has sufficient amounts of this mineral.

Drugs can be a cause of a magnesium deficiency..however, because I also know your history of the past 3 years, I also know that for months and months, you also basically lived on apple juice and phosphoric acid. That causes major imbalances with calcium and magnesium. When you don't feel like eating either, there is no way a person already deficient in magnesium will ever be able to get what they need through foods.

The epsom salts suggestion is actually very accurate. Daily epsom salts baths, or epsom salts foot soaks, or even putting it in a bottle of water and spraying it on your skin, or adding 1/4- 1/2 tsp 2x a day to a drink.

It's like Andrew Cutler says in his book about mercury--when a person has a severe reaction to less than 600 mg of magnesium, it's an indicator of magnesium deficiency.

The other thing is this:

"Phosphoric acid found in most soda pop binds to calcium, magnesium, zinc and other minerals in the stomach and intestine and removes them from the body."

A friend here on CZ, who is a certified nutritionist, has helped me in being able to have hair analysis tests done through him, specifically looking for problems with heavy metals and mineral ratio imbalances. I have also just been talking with him about magnesium tests, because what Dr's do for testing for magnesium are not at all accurate. If blood tests ever did indicate low magnesium, the Dr had best be getting that person hooked up to a magnesium IV, because they would already be in a bad state.

The CZ Nutritionist friend just emailed me this morning about looking into a more accurate test for the electrolytes, magnesium especially. The MS friend we have been working with, has had his severe back pain diminished by a huge percentage, because of supplementing magnesium and other things he was deficient in, and addressing the specific pathogens found in his brain and spine with Rife frequencies. He also showed to be one of the most toxic people the CZ friend has ever seen when we did the hair analysis test. Seriously, a year ago, he was headed to a wheel chair and he knew it. This Fall, he spent 5 weeks in Kentucky starting race horses.

When you know what you have going on specifically, and are not playing the guessing game, it's a heckuva lot easier to address and get results with. Unfortunately, with self-diagnosing and doing the "by gosh and by golly" method of constant cleaning, cleaning, cleaning the body- severe mineral/vitamin imbalances do occur more often than not. G. I've watched you cleaning, cleaning, cleaning for over 3 years now.

In all seriousness, if you don't think you can afford to have a test done to see where you are at with your electrolytes, magnesium especially, I would send you a check.

I'm posting this publicly, rather than in a private email to you, because people seriously have to consider the bigger picture. There is alot more to it than kill, kill, kill, clean, clean, clean. How magnesium deficient were you when you ever started this stuff?

Start researching for yourself, I think you'll be surprised at how many symptoms indicate a mag deficiency.

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