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Re: apple cider vinegar baths to dissolve them...

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Heart Worms?
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: apple cider vinegar baths to dissolve them...

Thanks for the replies, everyone.

What is happening is the amount of drugs that ended up in the CNS is coming out and causing swelling in the nerve roots and probably the whole spinal cord as they do come out. I also find residue under the liver and in the ascending and some in the transverse colon because of the extent of the poisoning with the benzo drugs. It may take quite a while for the body to completely eliminate these poisons as they are packed everywhere in the body including the bones, depending on how long a person took the drugs and what dosage they were on. As the body gets cleaned out, it does detox a small amount of these drugs all the time, but the big detox comes when th ecolon and liver has been cleaned out.

I've been cleaning out the colon over a period of 3 years, doing what was necesary as was tolerated because one can't do the whole job at once. I ended up with 16# of colon junk, in finality. For several months after finishing with the colon cleanse and liver flushes I have been adding the charcoal at 3x per day in order to adsorb the rest of the benzo poisons in the digestive traact or more specifically in the abdominal cavity where most of the junk ends up at the end of this program.

I've also been doing the Shculze kidney/bladder tea along with the detox tea off and on all thru this program. I've never had kidney pain or any kidney problems that haven't been resolved by doing this program. There were none apparent when I strted this program except a little of the leg swelling as that is common in people who have a problem with the pancreas and the that's known to the medical world as diabetes. I've taken the gold coin grass and chanca piedra several rounds and perhaps passed some pancreatic stones along with the pancreatic flukes.

It wouldn't hurt to do a little of the kidney/bladder tea once in a while, but doing anything that will detox at this point in time would cause too many muscle spasms in the neck and cause too much spinal pain. The body has to detox all this as it can on it's own because of the indcease of symptoms that may be too much for the body to handle.

As to magnesium, I have been doing a magnesium supplement all the way thru this program which was included a balanced supplement as well as the Mag Chlor that is an IV type of liquid magnesium from Dr. Sahley who is Director of The Pain and Stress Center in San Antonio, Texas and an expert at getting people off the psycotropic drugs. I have not been on contact with her as what we do she is not concerned with. The specialists stick to their own specialty. This program is Doc's specialty. I really don't think that taking large amounts of magnesium at once is the answer as the body will only use so much every day. It's better taken over time in daily amounts that the body can handle.

I did not have any muscle spasms until this detox started. There truly are muscle spasms in the legs that occur during the course of this program as that is a detox reaction that can happen to anyone. Muscle spasms can be either due to a lack of magnesium OR are definitely a detox reaction.

The benzo drugs cause muscle spasms when they come out. It's not a pretty picture and is very painful. There isn't anything a person can do to speed up the detox. If they do, the body cannot handle it as this is a life-threatening situation as it stands alone without anything that will detox the body. There does come a time when some detoxing tea can be added but very slowly and only about a half a cup twice a week. I've been working very closely with Doc Sutter while this has been going on. Something anyone has the option to do all thru this program--IF they are terminal or not when they start.

What I am seeing this calcium deposit as is something that happened before I did this program as the injury happened over 6 years ago. Now, what will dissolve the calcium deposits that my body depositied because of shoring up the injured disc over the years before I did this program and also probably during the toxic time while I was ding this program BEFORE my colon was clean enough to absorb the calcium from my food? One thing I have discovered is barley grass that has a property in it that will allow the calcium to stay in solution in the blood so it will not be deposited in the joints. It also dissolves calcium deposits.

Because I have no gallbladder, Doc has posted that barley grass needs to be taken for it's alkalizing effect by these people for the rest of our lives. Skee is right, too, about the Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar that will also help dissolve the calcium deposits.

The body only wants to do one thing at time, so 2 weeks after I got everything out of the liver, the CNS detox started. Because of the intense neck muscle spasm the benzo drug causes (typical of benzo detox) I had an MRI as I wasn't sure if this was the weak disc gone bad again or not. It wasn't possible for me to tell the difference as the neck spasms are bruital that the drug causes coming out, so I chose to rule out a disc that might have ruptured which indeed would have been a surgical problem.

I think my kidneys are working properly. My liver is having to deal with some of the detox from the spine and the rest of the tissues right now, but I do think that everything is in order and has been for a long time as far as food and the correct nutrients is concerned for the healing process to go on sucessfully. Amino acids with some natural B vitamins are also necessary to help reduce the stress of the detox and put back in to the body what has been taken out by the stress of all of it. I found Dr. Sahley's Anxiety Control 24 that is also taken with the BNCG to be very supportive during this.

The detox out of the CNS has been going on for 3 months and the symptoms are getting a lot better, but as anyone who has initially detoxed off these drugs realizes, it takes a long time and is a very painful detox until the drug is all gone at the end of the cleaning out processes. The brain, spinal cord, bones and all the body has to clean out until the remnants of these drugs are gone and the body is finally clean.

I am doing a write-up of what has happened top me during this whole detox as I think I am probably the only one who has gone thru this at the end of this program to this extent. I've had the assurance that I am the only one so far who has done this much benzo CNS detox sucessfully. I haven't done the write-up yet as I am still not physically comfortable enough to do it, but I intend to a little later on. I've now had the experience in doing this and feel realtively sure I can help someone else thru this. Be prepared for a struggle, but the struggle is worth it right to the end. Once you start this program, don't stop. I had a good measure of health before all this started, but the inevitability of this if one has taken any benzo drugs is a reality when the liver and colon is finally clean. I've earned the name "Poneer"!

Thanks again to everyone for their posts and their help. It is appreciated more than you all know.

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