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Re: Bio unavailable Calcium and Magnesium deficiency

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Hveragerthi Views: 6,862
Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Bio unavailable Calcium and Magnesium deficiency

 Hi Hv, if I had a lot of Calcium in my body that my body wasn't using properly and I had a pretty severe Magnesium deficiency how would I correct this?

Is it possible to have both excess Calcium and be Calcium deficient at the same time? High serum calcium possibly? My teeth have really gotten yellow over the years (people have commented and not to be mean) and some teeth have broken and fallen out (I'm 38) and my whole body has gotten really stiff over the years. No flexibility.

I'm pretty sure I have a Magnesium deficiency. I do have Adrenal fatigue and Hypothyroidism.

Sounds like hyperparathyroidism or pseudohyperparathyroidism.  Hyperparathyroidism is overactive parathyroid glands.  This can result from low vitamin D levels, which in turn creates little nodules on the parathyroid glands.  This leads to overproduction of parathyroid hormone (PTH), which breaks down the bones releasing calcium in to the blood leading to a condition known as hypercalcemia.  This is high serum calcium, which also leads to a calcium-magnesium imbalance.

Pseudohyperparathyroidism results from the over ingestion of too much phosphorus such as red meats, dairy or colas.  The excess phosphorus causes an imbalance between calcium and phosphorus.  So PTH is released again breaking down the bones to help balance out the calcium-phosphorus ratio.

For hyperparathyroidism simply taking vitamin D does not always work since the liver and kidneys must be working properly for the vitamin D to convert to its active form.  If the liver and kidneys are working properly though then D3 supplementation can help.

If you consume a lot of high phosphorus foods then you need to cut these out.

A few other factors that can contribute are hypothyroidism and lack of silica.  Low thyroid function can also reduce the hormone calcitonin, which is the opposing hormone to PTH.  Calcitonin helps prevent calcium loss from bones.  And thyroid medications are well known fro causing bone loss through creating states of temporary hyperthyroidism since the hormones when taken as a pill cannot be regulated properly like the body will normally do on its own.

Lack of silica reduces the bone matrix in which minerals need to deposit.  And silica is also what allows the deposition of minerals in to the bone.


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