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pure, distilled water

Original Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 12 years ago

pure, distilled water

( i'd laugh, but its not amusing]

output from water distiller is a disgusting
mess....waay too many fibers and particles
excape thru the steam. attempt to clean some of
of the fibers out with cartridge filters [[PUR/BRITA}}
utterly fail.

added Miracle-Mineral-Supplement to this sample..I have a theory that the
fungus is going to grow explosively. I have a control
sample with no Miracle-Mineral-Supplement has fibers and particles
too..but the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement bottle already looks worse.
I expect that the MMS sample will
be far more overgrown than the control in a few days.

basing my suspicions on how quickly the fungus grew
in the PUR/BRITA pitchers despite being dosed with
MMS several times a day. there could be some odd
interaction going on with may be acting as
an accelerant with this "species" of "whatever [fungus]
it is.

we shall see.


.wmv appx 1.5 MB no audio


attempts to acquire a wee bottle of CONGO RED stain
to do a quick check on this fiber crap [cytochrome stain
for fungus] also utterly fail. seems that Congo Red..
although relatively harmless..[unless you drink it like kool-aid] is a RESTRICTED ITEM...selling to individuals
ist VERBOTEN! [give me a freaking break..WD-40 is FAR
more dangerous. I can see large quantities [half liters]
and lab grade varieties giving the "danger nannies" nervous
fits...but a handful of milliliters of .1% aqueous stain
that is most often used as a pH indicator? Restricted?
like most of the biological stains are restricted?
for OUR protection? BS. it's all about control.
If only the other trades had followed the lead of the
allopathic "health care professionals"

Don't let folks buy screwdrivers..or screws.
...they might just fix
their own cabinet drawers...less profit for the
"storage repair professionals"..the UNION CARPENTER.

...also noted that many common chemicals are also locked down
on "restricted access" lists..just like the common dyes and
just about anything that could possibly have ANY hazard
potential if misused.

however..I can buy all the Chlorox and drain cleaner I
can questions asked.


it's quite vexing that fluffy clouds of mycelium quickly
grow in the boiled water. boiling was supposed to
kill pretty much everything. so they told me.
they apparently...lied. just like all the advertising
hype about how the carbon block cartridge filters trap
everything "down to a micron..half a micron.." [or whatever
number looks good in print. more lies.] The huge blocks
of carbon filter of the Berkey filter..also useless.
What comes pretty much all the crap that went IN.

....plan C..or D..perhaps UV [ultraviolet] to kill whatever
the particles/fibers are. The Steripen is interesting
design..but despite all the glowing
accolades and "approvals" from various
agencies.. it lacks the muscle to deal with fungus.
The Steripen folks dont make claims for fungus [altho folks
that SELL the Steripen do..bad move on their part..they're
making shiite up.] seems the Steripen has a max tested output of
30,000 to 60,000 microwat- seconds of UV. {am assuming the
two numbers are based on 45 second or 90 second cycles; I don't have the official test documents]

I do have a list of UV dosages required to kill various
pathogens. Seems that most of the viruses and bacteria
are easy meat for UV. EX: of the nine Staph bacteria
listed..only one spp requires a dosage of 10,000 microwatt-seconds; most are much less..3 of the 9 croak at around 4,000 microW.

The fungi otoh..are BeAsts. Ex: Rhizopus Nigricans..220,000 microwatts to kill it.
Aspergillus Niger..lethal dose..330,000 microwatts.

...over TEN times the UVC radiation needed to kill
tetanus [Clostridium 23,000 microwatts]

clearly the Steripen is a dull sword vs the fungi.
[..dull sword..bent spear..broken arrow..]

UVC can work..but it will require a far more robust
system...that I cannot wire into the landlords water and
power system..even if i could afford it.


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