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Multiple Sclerosis/Autoimmune
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Published: 10 years ago

Multiple Sclerosis/Autoimmune

Updating you on this past year in Autoimmune Happenings.

Multiple Sclerois is being misdiagnosed in both directions.

Heavy metals poisoning, lyme disease, chronic infection are all being labled as Lou Gherigs and Multiple Sclerosis.

Even artificial sweetner abuse is causing eye sight loss and nerve toxicity.

I have a couple of Multiple Sclerosis clients who are responding to simple protocols that are anti viral.

I am hoping they will consent to allow me to post their facebook links so that you can converse with them.

I have seen MS outbreaks completely resolve in 48 hours using anti viral approach. Very dramatic and striking.

I have had one MS client go through divorce, swine flue, gall bladder attack but yet the disease did not exploit the opportunity and she has now gone three years without a cripling attack. She has had some neuritis and numbness but paralysis has so far kept at bay.

One Lou Gherigs patient with multiple co infections actually died of organ failure using Colloidal Silver and the hospital was too late to pick up on the Amonia levels.

This particular client was on respirator and was very advanced, ...the family was very eager to advance the dosing and we had her on taper to prevent sudden and massive die off. She was on Amonia detox stuff already but apparently not enough.

The neuro toxins associated with Lyme and yeast is amonia, per Townsed Letter, this has been proven and the pockets of amonia are actually very alkaline and explains why alkaline therapies make people feel worse if they have Lyme and Yeast, explains why they feel worse after eating alkaline fruits.

The Amonia causes a chemical buildup of other harmful compounds as they cross react and can cause inflamation of the outer lining of blood brain barrier and explains fully why low pressure fronts exacerbates brain fog, why moring fog clears during the day.

Stenosis is being found in MS patients too and more doctos are performing procedures on Jugular veins to reverse jugular reflux which then causes pooling and increased intracranial pressure.

I am so very encouraged by the progress my MS clients are experiencing using anti viral protocols but these cannot be implemented fully until differential diagnosis are ruled out.

I recommend viral screens for all autoimmune patients.

Epstein barr, cytomegalo, retro virus, entero virus are the four major culprits in most autoimmune diseases. If your doctor will not perform these viral screens you may contact me and I will intervene on your behalf.

I recommend Lyme disease screening and really need to repeat it if all things come out negative.

A complete viral sceen simplifies the issues quite clearly and illuminates a specific path for which to treat.

Thanks again,....don't take any crap from your disease.

You can learn more about the viral link to autoimmune diseases on my autoimmune page on my information web site.

Bret Peirce


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