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Re: Seeking Support, Friends, answers
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Seeking Support, Friends, answers

Oh how I can relate...six years of total life depletion. The good news is, some of the things you are going through can slow down over time. I've had things clear twice only to return.

Let your cloths sit over night in baking soda, borax and DE. After drying, wipe dryer out with Pine Sol. I found freezing clothes 24 hours then immediately dry steaming or microwaving them helps a lot.

Have not used this, but have been told Cedarcide with their fogging system is extremely helpful to rid them from house. I used DE and then I regularly clean with Pine Sol or a homemade recipe salt, baking soda, borax with several essential oils like cypress, peppermint, clove, juniper, cinnamon, eucalyptus, citronella etc. supper strength works well for spraying down walls. If you use DE, leave your house for at least 8 hours then wipe walls down and vacuum, also vacuum air regularly. If you can afford a steamer to use on fabrics, bedding, and funiture get one. Also leave pans of DE underneath furniture and bed.

BioRay makes a parasite detox extract with artemesia and clove that I found rid me of parasites. Had to use it for three months straight, then reduced dosage to 10 drops a day for another month. Now I use it once every three months. Will help with worms. Green teas, chloraphyl, and wheatgrass good along with a PH enzyme. Morgellons pulls the sytem to extreme acidic levels. Yeast is another thing that helps it grow. Fish oils are good, detoxing the liver, kidneys and glandular systems and taking periodic metal chelators will give skin relief. Salt baths with baking soda, wheatgrass, alfalfa, red wine vinegar, milk etc. can help draw out the specks and help relieve the skin discomfort. You can apply jojoba or grapeseed oil to the skin if you still have discomfort (also found vaseline and a vitamin E gel cap to also be soothing). Rotate what you do every three to four days, this can become immune to things fast. Gargling with concord grape juice and selzer water will dislodge the things in your throat, might also be a bit scary with what you see come out, but it definitely helps from feeling like your choking on things. If on a low budget, herbal teas can still be used and they do help: Pau d Arco, Red Clover, Black-Walnut , Clove, Milk Thistle, Yerbamate, Peppermint, Red Root, Echinacea, Boneset are all good. WishGarden Herbs makes a full-on antimicrobial extract called Herbalbiotic that you can mix with things for your skin to apply for relief or you can ingest it. Honey is also good for different applications. To break up biofilm use some cayenne pepper, with lemon juice and a touch of molasses and ingest before bed, also good is apple cidar vinegar in distilled water or aluminum-free baking soda in distilled water. Unfortunately all water seems to have Morgellons fibers in it so not like we aren't continually being exposed to the very thing making us sick. For fungus I've been experimenting with something, huge skin relief but too new to say anthing right now. If over time I get good results I'll post it later. Not holding my breath right now, had many short relief only for relapse.

This can be expensive, but it can help you substantially for the skin granules. Zapping, ionic foot baths and laser therapy. I also zap my air with an ozonator. If you set it on high for an hour it can kill molds, bacteria, etc. Then you set it low so it maintains things.

Unfortunately, these won't heal you, but it can help relieve the more disabling symptoms and keep it from getting worse. I don't usually comment on things, but I felt for your story.... I know your pain well.

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