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Ascaris and Tapes, use Rife to kill?
Jha Na Hana Views: 2,547
Published: 10 years ago

Ascaris and Tapes, use Rife to kill?

Hello everyone, I'm new to posting on Curezone but have been looking on the sidelines for a few years now.

A couple years ago I had a Xylene exposure on my hands, which passed into the background after a week or so.
About 5 months ago, maybe more, I did a Clark Bowel Cleanse with the olive leaf, GSE, Pau D Arco, added. Also used Clarkia .
I did not get out anything weird, but my gas seemed to go away, but my stool never went brown again(as I neglected the probiotics- D'oh!). After months, the gas returned and I was getting undigested flakes of greens I was eating. Not good.
Then I coupled with a person, and believe to have received Ascaris into my Epididymis, which began to hurt. I thought it was a damaged herniation acting up from the sex. Around new year's I began feeling tingles and pressure, infection in my epididymis which then went into my ureters and then liver, causing what I thought to be a gallstone attack. This had me down and out with slight jaundicing, fevers a couple days, swelling in head, all the bad stuff.
Well over the course of weeks I changed my diet, took gallstone dissolving herbs, alkalized and did liver cleanses. The problem seemed to go away, and I was gaining weight back, exercising, feeling good again. The yellow knuckles were going away.
Then I ate too many chips and hummus one day and got sick again. I took Miracle-Mineral-Supplement I believe, which activated the Ascaris and they could finally be felt in all my tissues under my skin. I saw what looked like a hookworm get chased to just under my skin on the forearm. So I continued with the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement but this seemed to just make them angry and me weak, so I stopped.
I'm now doing bowel cleanse, Clarkia , Ozonated Olive oil, and L-Cysteine to get rid of the Ascaris and Tapeworms(lots of seed in poo). Also I'm not washing veggies in Iodine anymore as this prevents me getting good flora back, and taking probiotics(I had given myself Dysbiosis). The cysteine seems to keep them dormant, but I'm not feeling any die off.
I used the zapper and this seemed to mortally wound the large one in my neck, but there are others in my left thigh that are hard to reach. It's SO IMPORTANT to have the good flora otherwise they feast on what I eat. So far they have affected my Liver, Spleen, Pancreas, Thyroid, Brain, Eyes, and muscle wasting. I don't poo unless I take a P&B shake, for now--needs bacteria. The P&B shakes would get rid of "something" that would cause my stool to wiggle, but when I broke it up there was nothing there. I definitely would feel better after releasing it though.
For now I'm just trying to continue the protocol, but if this doesn't do it, I would like to begin using frequency to kill them. Does anyone have suggestions on a device for a guaranteed total body kill of Ascaris and Tapeworms? Mostly this is for ascaris, I can get the Tapeworms with CoQ10 and Diatomaceous earth and Clarkia enema and P&B shake.
I have had the zapper for a long time, but getting a more powerful one is a complex undertaking, I want to be sure I get one that works(for my needs). Any and all advice much appreciated. I have been looking on other posts on Rife generators and the f165 series etc, and it's just difficult to assimilate and collate with the brain fog.
Thanks much for the guidance, and support, past present and future!

Jha Na Hana

PS: What about using Beck magnetic thing with a zapper to mortally wound them?
PPS: Permission to dowse my situation and report back given to those with good intentions and integrity. Thanks.

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