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Re: Can everyone please list what signs of collagen loss/wrinkling you have?
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Can everyone please list what signs of collagen loss/wrinkling you have?

anonalon, you're a dear for starting this thread...

i'm a single, 32-year-old man who may be saying goodbye to having future companionship, so this topic is one that i've invested some serious thinking/research into. previously, i was told i looked young for my age too. i'm freaking out like hell with nobody believing me and i'm considering ending the suffering before it's too horrifying or before i'm sectioned for psychosis.

my symptoms started with 2 weeks of not sleeping (like Legend's experience) before i took sleeping pills, then the rapid loss of collagen began at unbelievable verocity.

i'm also chronically dehydrated with dry mouth/lips.

suffice to say that life is...hell...

life does not wait around for people to solve unbelievably complex problems, especially if there's more than one problem interacting together.

even my family can't cope with me anymore, let alone anyone else in human society.

it seems to me that without others' belief and support, i may as well leave this universe.


first of all, the process of "collagenolysis", particularly of skin is an interesting one - mediated by one or a number of things.

here are some theories:

- dehydration
i noticed when i used to do Liver Flushes that taking Epsom Salts would dehydrate me and then cause new wrinkles. maybe i never realised that it was an electrolyte balancing insufficiency (due to adrenal challenge), but dehydration destroys collagen. maybe with serious adrenal dysfunction (like pupils that can't stay closed), the electrolyte balance is so easily disturbed.

- copper toxicity
i was recently exposed to copper from a drinking vessel, which could have introduced biounavailable copper into my system, ultimately blocking bioavailable copper from being used in collagen maintenance. copper is also removed from the body in an interaction between adrenals and liver via the ceruloplasmin enzyme. copper also excites the brain causing insomnia.

- cortisol
i talked to some cushing's syndrome people and they did not mention collagen losses from chronically high cortisol, but this is interesting...
Here's some excerpts from wikipedia's page on Cortisol:

In laboratory rats, cortisol-induced collagen loss in the skin is ten times greater than in any other tissue.

Cortisol stimulates many copper enzymes (often to 50% of their total potential), probably to increase copper availability for immune purposes.[27] This includes lysyl oxidase, an enzyme which is used to cross-link collagen and elastin.[28] Especially valuable for immune response is cortisol's stimulation of the superoxide dismutase,[29] since this copper enzyme is almost certainly used by the body to permit superoxides to poison bacteria. Cortisol causes an inverse four- or fivefold decrease of metallothionein (a copper storage protein) in mice;[30] however, rodents do not synthesize cortisol themselves. This may be to furnish more copper for ceruloplasmin synthesis or to release free copper. Cortisol has an opposite effect on aminoisobuteric acid than on the other amino acids.[31] If alpha-aminoisobuteric acid is used to transport copper through the cell wall, this anomaly might be explained.

- immune cytokines

Apparently, immune system cytokines can induce collagenolysis/breakdown. Maybe a serious immune reaction is underlying the collagen breakdown.

- long-time undereating

I did not eat enough calories for a long period of time. Maybe this was massively stressful enough to seriously mess up the homeostasis of my collagen maintenance.


I have to go for my appointment now with the psychiatrist for him to tell me that all of this crazy stuff is originating in my mind!

Is this all a recipe for happiness?

How I long for homeostasis...

Please give me some feedback on these ideas and how they may relate to your own experiences.

Sees you,

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