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Re: DE and Soy

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: DE and Soy

 I started mixing the DE in a jug of water. I let it sit for 4 days before drinking. It settled to the bottom, but after pouring and refilling a few times, it seems to mix in with the water and then after a few weeks there is no DE at the bottom anymore. I know you've said one tbs should last 6 months or longer, but mine is gone after a few weeks. What type of container do you use? I'm using an old milk gallon. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

The container will not make a difference.

All I can think of is that the DE is not settling out completely before you pour more to drink.  Otherwise it should still be in the bottom as silica dissolves very poorly in water.

Also, you've said to eat phytoestrogens to help with my pms. I'm drinking soy milk. Is it better to have fermented or non-fermented soy?

Cooked or fermented soy products are both fine.  Soybeans are cooked to make soy milk.

Other than yams, what would be the next highest food with phytoestrogens in it?

Peas, seaweeds, parsley are all high.  But phytoestrogens in common in plant based foods regardless:

Flax seed is actually several times higher than soy, but phytoestrogens are also goitrogenic, so it is a good idea to increase your iodine intake when consuming high phytoestrogen levels.  Although seaweeds are good sources of phytoestrogens and iodine.

Should I take vitex or maca to help balance my horomones as well if my symptoms are severe pms, missed/late periods, moodiness, cramps, bloating and anxiety?

Maca would be good, but probably best to avoid the vitex.  Vitex elevates progesterone, and progesterone is what causes PMS symptoms.

Have you tried cleansing your liver with bitters and increasing your intake of B vitamin Rich foods?


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