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Need Advice this is new to me?
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Published: 10 years ago
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Need Advice this is new to me?

I suffered from major/manic Depression ever since I was young. It did not take course till I was 16 years old w/ parents seperating, convulted twisted relationships, lots of drugs, lots of junk food, etc. Developed other problems like BDD and hypo T. After my last attachment to people, I had enough, water fasted, and help cure some of my problems like BDD, Depression is probably non existant now, and reduced my hypoT. Not only do I feel healthier, my mind is clearer and I can reason and think logically at a higher level. The Water Fast is my greatest personal achievement in my life so far.

My older sister also (currently) suffers some form of schizophrenia and martyr/superiority complex from years of emotional/verbal abuse from my father. She takes meds and seems to work. It has made her borderline obese and she craves food. She used to be a slim straight headed girl. When she misses her meds, she starts living in her own world and is very hard to reason with. Because of the abuse, she appears to have a martyr/victim complex. She cannot stay committed to something. For example: She quits her job because a co worker is annoying her. She doesn't realize that she is LETTING herself be pushed around and she blames her problems on everything (I used to think this way).

We both have Amalgam fillings. I ate mainly meat and some fish, little veggies/fruits, and junk for years. She ate a wider variety. I then turned vegetarian and then vegan. This was the gateway for my physical/mental health. She stayed the same and still ate junk while I gave up soda and candy.

I want to help her so bad. But she thinks I'm crazy, is not motivated, and doesn't accept my help or help herself. She thinks meds and therapy are the only things that can help people. :[[[

I don't know why I wrote all this, but I just felt an urgency to.

Maybe I'm just trying to connect a lot of dots that lead to mental/physical disorders.

I think my Water Fast help detox some mercury in my brain (after reading about this) because seriously I have not felt terribly sad or depressed since my fast. Yes I do get irritable once in a while, but I think it's from stress from leaving soon and also when I overeat. Salt flushing helps with that.

There are some people of IS like ginagirl who keeps advising others to still take selenium and then some like trapper who is now saying not to if you have amalgam. I respect these two and their advices but it's hard because they both sound reliable. But I have to take the safe road and wait till my Amalgam fillers removed.

Is there a forum, post here, or website that explains exactly how to chelate mercury in detail or instructions? I will have my Amalgams removed in the Philippines too (with a dental dam of course and other things). I am just nervous of all this data of selenium and mercury.

Sorry for the long, OT, all over the place post.

Thank you and God bless,

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