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Re: Doc Sutter by MH/To EVERONE now or past who ever has started or done this program

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Doc Sutter by MH/To EVERONE now or past who ever has started or done this program

The old amish fellow 72 years old that I call the AMISH HEALER, has treated literally thousands of chronically sick amish people that are basically cut up, broken up or dieing of diseases and I know he uses alot of charcoal; because they usually went medical prior to coming to him, so he has to get the DOPE out of their liver.

His biggest herb of choice is burdock, the one he likes as a blood cleanser.

I personally believe every program I have ever read of in a book falls short whn it comes to jump starting the ill liver. I tried the Dr. Christopher herbs, Dr. Clark methods, Dr. Hay methods back when my body was a mess from woring with legs had been raw for close to 10 years as the lead expelled out the legs/feet and that got meto looking into herbs/diet/etc......and when I got into doing the clark flushes, my symptoms cleared 90% and that was it, as long as I used herbs, did liver flushes and experimented with "fasting" and diet change, my legs improved, but the lead/chemical created disease was never liver could not recover.............

That lead me to Dr. Messee in Yellow Springs, he is the same age as Dr. John R. Christopher, only he is still alive, while Dr. John died a very long time ago. They use to do siminars together and Dr. Messee spent his adult life as the top spokesperson for natures sunshine, a company that shared the same piece of ground as the dr.christopher herb company and I believe the 2 companies were related. Dr. Messee looked in your eyes, same as Dr. Christopher did, both used the same herbal formulas, etc....when Dr. Messee looked into my eyes, he didn't see any problems, the herbs and liver flushes had my eyes looking completely I rolled up my pants legs and showed him 10 years of scars and basically no skin left on the fronts of my legs and he sai OH MY...

He then started doing his muscle testing, which the Christopher are 100% against.....and naturally, Dr. Messee pulled out herbs that he knew to be blood cleansers and 4 herbs made my arm so strong that Dr. Messee could suspend his body into the air, I literally could hold him up with 1 arm and he said I was the first person ever to need this combination of herbs.

The combination was liquid and he said to take 1 tablespoon morning ands night until cured. He also mentioned this would be a powerful liver tonic..

The herbs were:
Virginia Snake wort.
CatsClaw bark.
Golden seal rt.
Echinacea Rt.

Within the first bottle, all itching stopped and my legs started to heal. By the end of 4 bottles, my legs healed and my skin has never broke out ever again!!!!!!!!!!

Up until this time, I was a self tought expert with the liver flush, looked at liver flushed for people for 3 years, identified worms, watched people cure them selves of cancers, etc......and nothing I had read of or ever done, cured my skin like these 4 herbs did, because I had never done such a liver tonic to JUMP START the liver, because when the liver is hurting, the herbs and everything else is NEVER GOING TO WORK correctly....a sic liver leads to death.

Back then, virgina snake rt. was $75 a pound and it seems I purchased the last pound in America, it was an outdated old medical herb and to this very day, it is obsolete. It was 10x higher priced than normal herbs back then......and today, if you ever could obtain a pound ofthe roots, i know they would cost you well over $2,000.00, because they do not exist in the herbal market. The roots are tiny and the herb is small and lives in the dark woods where taller herbs cover it, so it is nearly impossible to find.

I have spent years collecting the live plants, because there are no available dry roots sold anymore. I raise my own echinacea and our woods is loaded with goldeseal and naturally the catsclaw comes out of south america.

Locally the Dandelion rt is the old fashioned liver tonic and many use thistle seed as a liver herb when poisoned. Otherwise there is very little in health books about the liver.....

Dr. Christopher made the Liver Gallbladder formula for folks on the dope, to be used before his favorite liver herb, COMFREY could be used. Comfrey is the best calcium herb on the planet, but also used for liver.

So my suggestion to all that fail to cure them selves, go back to the basics and attempt to save your LIVER, once you have your liver back, then the herbs, diets, methods will all work better, if not book perfect as explained by the authors that wrote the books.

I never gave the formula a real name, since it cured my 10 years of tormenting itch/blood legs, I simple call the formula Liver / skin itch.

Anytime someone has their poisons oozing out their skin, I suggest it is because the liver has failed and suggest a liver tonic of their choice.

Dandelions are popping up now, which means they are FREE to those willing to dig them up or just eat the flowers, etc. The amish say "IF" you dig the dandelion and just beat the dirt off the roots and DO NOT WASH THE DIRT OFF and use those roots to make your dandelion tea, that that tea cures could it cure cancer? Well, since cancer always starts in the liver...he who cures the liver, cures cancer.

does medical want to cure your liver? If so, then why does every drug known HARM THE LIVER! He who harms the liver, promotes medical colleges in my opinion.

Good Luck,

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