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Re: We can not be 0 carbohydrates
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: We can not be 0 carbohydrates

I also agree. This is the same in my situation. The difference between consuming carbs and 0 carbs is that when you consume carbs, they are digested and fermented in your GI tract in the form of Sugar and glucose already. And if candida is present, it will feed on it. Whereas, 0 carb diets are consumed in the forms of fats and proteins and also other low glycemics veggies and are converted via the liver and conversion within the body, after it passes the GI tract. Your body and cells still get the required glucose, its not like the brain is deprived of glucose. It just takes additional conversion to make that work. But glucose and blood Sugar are still stable within the blood and body.
For myself, i know that it makes me worse and the die off was continual and unbearable with me consuming just rice with the same diet I have going on now. If you think about pure survival and what human beings were designed to do and eat other than the spoiled civilized modern man, they had to hunt and eat whatever came their way. Survival is a tough game and lots of isolated tribes eat the same foods on a daily basis. African group of hunters even to this day hunt for fruit bats and live off those for weeks and only that.

Whether we are all genetically made to optimally function on only fats and proteins, who knows? The Eskimo and Inuit of Alaska have consume vey very high amounts of fats and show 0 heart problems in correlation to their diet. Could be genetic could be their living factors or lifestyle. But we're all human beings nonetheless.

I hope I dont have to be on this diet forever but i'm doing it cause it makes my symptoms better. How the carbs tie into heavy metals I don't know yet but the phenomena of feeling bad after eating sugars or constantly craving sugars and CRP is strongly tied to heavy metals. Some people claim the metals "Feed" candida which I dont know if that's necessarily true. I dont think yeast consume mercury as food but it could be damaging the gi lining and gut immune system and depleting SIgA where the body cannot defend against yeast overgrowth. And due to damage of the linings, GI motility and absorption is worse and causes carbohydrate fermentation which would not happen in a healthy GI tract, leading to candida. My thoughts.

DVJorge, have you tested for heavy metals? I forgot if you did. Do you have any Amalgams or any kind of exposure?

I called a dentist office last week, where I remembered I had 1 procedure done 5 years ago and found out I had a double surfaced Amalgam replaced by them (improperly of course) and that year is when all the trouble and chronic fatigue and neurological issues started to happen. Hard to say 100% as of yet because i have yet to chelate and take a chalenge test but my eye is on that procedure like a hawk. Strongly suspect that was a big contributor if not the main factor that started it all.

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