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Re: How do we get liver flukes
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: How do we get liver flukes

parasites are everywhere. CDC has a lot of information in preventive measures.
Keeping your hands clean, scrub under the nails and keep them cut short.
Wear shoes when you walk outside. They are in the soil and also where animals defecate.
Dogs,cats etc. carry parasites too. Avoid allowing them to lick the face and their coats carry them as well , so again wash your hands after you brush or play with them. Also their bowls are dangerous too when handled with your hands. I use disposable bowls daily for my animals. Don't sleep with them either. Treat your yard for fleas and your pets. They like to catch them and some fleas carry parasites as well.
Cat litter boxes,use a face mask when cleaning them out and wash hands after handling.

The parasite eggs are on the vegetables and fruits we eat therefore you must wash them well . I soak them 20 minutes in a solution of vinegar and a drop of mild soap. Then soak them again in a tub of clean water, preferably boiled water and let it cool.
Some use hydrogen peroxide or a drop of bleach in their soaking water. This is up to you. I read in a journal that vinegar kills fluke eggs.
The water has parasites too . Some common parasites are crypto and giardia. Your city water suppliers are constantly checking for these.
Ice contains parasites, yes, some can even survive in a frozen state.
Freezing meat for a minimum of 2 days to 20 days is very crucial prior to cooking. Rinse and cook all meat until well done.
The animals ingest parasites too. All of them! We are the accidental host and yes you can get flukes from meat and foods like parsley, mint, watercress, water chestnuts,bamboo, just to name a few... the list just gets longer and longer.

I do not trust that any of my food is parasite free therefore I clean them all as a preventive measure and cook the vegetables for one hour or until done on low heat with a tight heavy lid in a small amount of water to get all the nutrients. Potatoes,beets. etc naturally have to be boiled or baked.
Carrots, raw pumkin seeds,papaya seeds, pomegranites,coconut oil, pumpkin seed oil,fresh coconut,fresh pineapples and all fruits with a thick skin are good and anti-parasitic.
Some other remedies for parasites are neem, graviola,DE, DE36,red clover drops, Iodine Lugols or others,turmeric,fresh ground cloves,curry, celtic salt... there are many sites for natural remedies for parasites and products.

For eye parasites some people have had luck using organic coconut oil warmed and liquified to room temp. Some also have used collidial silver in eyes and nose . Also olive leaf nose spray for the sinuses.( spray bottles must not be shared)

ICU posts for medicine and crucial supplements,( anti-biotics, if you cannot take Antibiotics you can try kyolic odorless garlic pills and turmeric).
For skin sores I used Germ -a Clenz spray to fight bacteria with good luck and it also can be used to clean your foods.
humaworm has helped me so much in identifying some of these parasites as well as other forum members.
Parasites rob you of nutrients, some of these are b 12...
therefore a whollistic approach is needed in building a strong immune system. Why just kill the fish if you don't clean the tank.
ph- balancing is very important
keep the colon clean, many products... MSM, Holy Tea,oxy-cleanse,psllium powder,all kinds of enema protocols,( coffee enemas The Gerson Therapy and it's benefits)acv,fresh garlic,probiotic,yogurt...etc. again many post on curezone

I hope this helps.

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