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Re: 45 days SSKI...
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: 45 days SSKI...

Pardon my lack of brevity, but I have suffered 33 Colorado winters so far - came from the humid mid-western Mississippi River area long ago and at least found relief from the muggy mold in the dry air at a mile high. Chronic asthma/allergies/migraines change its face over the years, disappearing altogether at Menopause 7 years ago - all hell broke loose and every bodily system became compromised - could not pee or make tears, tinnitus, vertigo, diabetic stuff, thyroid symptoms, heart episodes, severe malabsorption, muscle wasting, extreme weight loss - AMAZINGLY NO MIGRAINES, NO ALLERGIES, NO LUNG STUFF ANYMORE!!?? It's as if when estrogen decreased all the usual chronic symptoms transformed into other symptoms.

Everything else that could go wrong did and I have looked all over these forums, tried many things for many years.
Candida this.. parasite that..Adrenal this..Endocrine that! I read here (CZ) every day since 2005 and could not reconcile myself with the Liver Flush until now - ready to try !!! I have done enemas which were helpful, but the coffee seemed extreme and of course, some have told horror stories - but now I will take my with SSKI . I have read MUCH before embarking this direction, may add Iodine eventually when I become independently wealthy. Lack of funds has been a blessing along the way - cannot afford at times to make mistakes or experiment needlessly.

They say there are only two eyecolors and the rest indicate trouble? My mother has flat sea-green eyes with a brown diagonal stripe through her left eye, and we KNOW she is crazy LOLOL...I have this same green behind an amber starburst with 3 blue concentric quarter circles at the bottom of each iris...have no idea what this would indicate but it says hazel on my driver's license, and I thought they were just brown for most of life until an eye doc told me otherwise.

I am SURE my liver has troubles even though I feel no pain. I drank copious amounts of alcohol for many years, but not a drop for the last nine (9) years. All this physical stuff showed up after sobering up, falling and breaking my knee with head injury(2004) and taking the last of too many rounds of Antibiotics (at least 50 in my life) and of course Menopause which I have done NO HRT's for. I nearly died and had no idea where to start fixing it all - full of brain fog also back then. So far everything I have done has:
Removed 90% Brain fog
Killed off many varieties parasites - lightened the load of flukes, tapes, etc.
Returned 15 pounds to my frame
Restored digestion, elimination, and muscle mass
Eliminated 75% Chronic fatigue
Ended Heart episodes
Toxic Dowager's hump disappeared
I can cry again

I am in great shape for my 57 years @ 5'6" 120 lbs.
TOO many people my age are already on 3-5 MEDS.
I take NO PHARMAS for over 6 years and plan to never need them.

The thing that stubbornly persists is the never-ending scalp itch!!!!!!! 5 LONG YEARS......occasionally creeping over hairline to edges of my face, sometimes wandering down my neck onto shoulders, upper back - NEVER shows up anywhwere else - not a rash, just painful, itchy clumps of scabby crust, always dry, never wet, bumps that won't heal easily and can clear from neck and back, but stays on scalp where hair is growing beautifully....this prompted me to look into iodine, and SSKI seemed the place to start - with Trapper's product. Also, after working on adrenals longtime I thought it safe to attempt to address thyroid directly. The skin thing is either a liver issue, or it is a bacterial infection that won't leave with any method I have tried. With it I hear squeaking, popping, crunching in my ears/head - the worst part! With scratching the itch comes the expelling of sinus junk which I do NOT understand. SOMEbody has to know something of this pesky thing...

Which comes first the flush or the enema?


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