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Many problems, not sure which direction to go...please help.
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Published: 11 years ago

Many problems, not sure which direction to go...please help.

Ive lurked these forums for about the past year, and decided I needed to finally get some real advice from people who know best about whats been ruining my life. Ive never done this, and I know its going to be alot of rambling and jumble, but please bare with me.

The first time I ever stumbled upon this now dreaded topic of candida, was simply for finding a reason why my lips were peeling strangely about 2 years ago. Of course, I googled "peeling lips" and came across many things, but candida seemed to be the most common topic. I never really thought anything was wrong with me up until that time, and heres why:

Im a 24 year old male, going on 25 this summer, and as of now, my life hasnt been going much of anywhere. After I graduated high school, I took the unfortunate turn of experimenting with marijuana with some friends. After that experience, it became something I really enjoyed, and pretty much took over my life. For the next 6 years, I worked various jobs, just barely getting by, while having fun and smoking weed took up the majority of my time. It was during this time that I believe things took a turn for the worse...and do to the euphoria that I was feeling all the time, I was kind of unable to recognize that something was actually wrong. I was generally fatigued alot of the time, taking a nap or two throughout the day, but I of course just blamed that and everything else on heavy marijuana use.

So fast forward back to first discovering candida...Im a very obsessive person, which is actually a way ive been ever since I was little, so I cant totally blame that on the candida, but Im sure its been made it worse over the past few years. After the discovery of the yeast topic, I started to read more and more about it, and became obsessed with it. Upon reading the broad spectrum of symptoms, I started to realize I had many of these symptoms, and just always kind of brushed them off and never payed much attention to them. This was when I started to make the self diagnosis that I infact had Candida, and since then, everything has been pretty bad for me. Some of my main symptoms have been:

- a very persistant case of thrush on my tongue.
now, the first time I noticed this was actually about 4 years ago. I was out with some friends, and had a really nasty taste in my mouth. I looked in the mirror and noticed a whiteness covering my tongue, which I was able to kind of pick off with my fingers. At the time, I thought it resembled tuna fish from a can...very weird. I think I just ended up brushing it all off my tongue, and just forgot about it. And now, I deal with it every day. Ive tried everything suggested on any website to get rid of it, but the only thing that ever seemed to work was when I started taking grapefruit seed extract. It went away for about a week, and then came back. But heres the weird thing...Im able to brush my tongue completely pink whenever I brush my teeth without any bleeding or irritation..and it generally comes off fairly easy at the end of the day with a few brushes. I know for a fact that its more of a buildup of food...For example, my tongue will be pretty much clear, and if I were to then eat a sandwich, or a piece of pizza, it will have the coating on it immediately after, mainly toward the back region where the 2 large taste buds are. Theres no doubt in my mind that if I ate just lettuce, and just lettuce all day, at the end of the day there would hardly be a coating of any kind..So would this even still be considered thrush? Or just a bad case of food sticking to my tongue somehow?

- for at least 5 or 6 years, Ive had a very strange problem with urinating. Maybe once or twice a month, I would start to urinate, and it would abruptly stop. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get the stream to start again, even though at times I felt like I had much more to release in my bladder. I remember this happening even when I probably didnt have much of a yeast issue, but again, this was 5 years ago and didnt think much of it. One day, Id say about a year and a half ago, it happened, and this time, I actually decided to use my fingers to open up my peehole, and I was shocked at what I saw...little bits of white particles, like tiny pieces of toilet paper in my urethra. I then looked in the toilet, and saw the same bits sunk at the bottom of the bowl. It was at that point when I got really scared, and knew it had to be yeast. I think almost immediately after that incident, I started to get very stressed about it, and paid alot more attention to it. It would still only happen on occassion, and definitely not every time I urinated. But it did get worse...The feeling wasnt really what I would describe as a stinging or burning, but just EXTREMELY uncomfortable. After about an hour, I would finally be able to get the stream going again. I think this very problem has contributed to occasional sexua| impotence issues Ive had for the past few years as well.
Ive had tests done, and I have no known STDS either.

-And the most troublesome as of late, has been horrible issues with my scalp. My whole life, Ive had very thick, wonderful hair. Throughout high school, I would keep it pretty long, but as of the past few years, I started buzzing it completely, just because it was easier to manage. When it would grow back, I would often wonder why my bangs didnt look like they used to, and why my hair wouldnt do the things it used to. So this past winter, I started to notice lots and lots of dandruff..which of course led me to obsess about it. I was looking in the mirror one day, and started playing with my hair, and noticed my bangs, and the frontal hairline just looked horrible. It felt extremely thinner than the rest of the hair on my head, and I started to freak out. It was then that I realized this was one more thing the candida has taken a hold of with my body. Shortly after, I got another haircut, and started to notice my hair was also falling out, everywhere on my head, not just the front. It still currently is, and its taking such a toll on my emotional state, I cant even put it into words. After every shower, I look at the shower floor and see various scattered hairs all over the place. No, it isnt falling out in clumps...but still, its falling out. I can actually just lightly tug on it in random spots, and a few hairs will come out. If I lightly tug on my eyebrows as well, a few hairs will come out from time to time. If I scratch in certain areas of my head, Ill get a thick, gunky white residue under my nails. I still dont know what this is...sebum? yeast? It definitely is not leftover hair product. I have not used gel in years, and barely use but a drop of shampoo in the shower, which I thoroughly wash out for a few minutes. A few months ago, I went to a dermatologist, who looked at my head for a minute, and diagnosed me with seb. dermatitis. So I started to use some Nizoral, and a cream that I was prescribed, which pretty much only helped with the noticeable flakes on my head. If I scratch my scalp, Ill still see lots of little white pieces fall all over the place. After every shower I take, even if it isnt a hot one, the skin on my cheeks and forehead is very dry. I have to use lotion everyday just to take care of it, which I dont like to do. Ive also recently started to see one or two small red bumps on my frontal hairline, and on the back of my head, which also leads me to believe I had folliculitis as well. And I also get small red bumps on my thighs, and legs as well, that Im sure are the same thing. Some of them Ive had for months, and I can still kind of see that they havent really gone away. So pretty much with the hair on my head, its only thinning and receeding in the front, which I know is completely unnatural. The rest of my hair is still fairly thick, but it just seems to lifeless and dull compared to how it used to be. Im just horribly worried that what Ive lost, and continue to lose, isnt going to ever come back...

-Bloating, and gas. Im just at about 135 lbs, and I feel that most of the time after I eat, my gut looks way too big for someone of my size. Im almost confident I have leaky gut as well, which Im still not sure if I had before the candida, or if the candida caused it. I dont eat constant junk, but Ill admit, I pretty much continue to eat anything these days, only because I feel that I havent had progress with the diet at all.

-Constant eye floaters when Im outside. Ive only started to notice these for the past year or so, and its a very frustrating problem. These are the kind of floaters that have a wormlike shape, almost looking exactly like how candida would under a microscope. My vision in general has been compromised...I cant see things well from far away like I used to.

Those are all just my main issues. Along with just not feeling the way a normal 24 year old male should feel. The good news, is as of the beginning of this year, I quit cigarettes and marijuana cold turkey, and never looked back. I thought after I did that, I would feel so much better, but I think I actually felt better smoking weed every day. Since January, Ive been going to a holistic doctor once a month, who apparently has treated candida for over 20 years, but Im not going to be doing that much longer. He started me with all these various supplements(bromaline, a 6 a day multivitamin, probiotics) which never really made me feel any different. One of them did give a noticeable change in my became very clean, almost to the point where for weeks after, I would wipe, and there would be nothing on the toilet paper. He prescribed me nystatin, which I have been taking since then. Ever since I started to take the nystatin, the issues with my urinating have completely dissappeared. Id really like to know why this is? It did happen maybe twice since, but not nearly as uncomfortable as it used to be, and very small amounts of "yeast" came out. BUT, as much of a good thing as that is, a part of me still thinks that it may have actually been a good thing? Could that have been a die off? And why would the nystatin effect what was going on in my bladder? I may never know...And the nystatin use hasnt ever really made me feel any better either.

All I know is that Ive done hours, and hours of research online. Ive read it all. Ive tried coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, nystatin, grapefruit seed extract, going on the diet, and nothing has ever really made me feel any different. I dont know why this is. Aside from occassional bad headaches, I cant ever really say Ive experienced die off like people on these forums have described. Every once in a while, Ill see what looks like clear mucusy, long things attached to my stool, which I of course always assumed to be candida.

I just dont feel like the person I used to be. I feel emotionless, distant, disconnected, foggy, and all that other wonderful stuff. I want my life back. I hardly ever laugh anymore.

I need to know what is causing the candida, and why it wont go away. Im afraid I may never find the answer...I know for fact I never really taken any antiboitics in my life. I reluctantly took a weeks worth at the beginning of the year for an issue with a wisdom tooth, but it had to be done. And I still took probiotics while doing it. Sure, I ate a fair amount of junk and drank alot of pop while I was in my marijuana phase, but I highly doubt that alone would cause such an overgrowth...The only thing left to address, is what Id like some opinions on. I have 6-7 Amalgam fillings. I did a non challanged urine, blood, and hair test a few months back, which showed that I only had a slightly elevated level of inorganic mercury, but everything else was good. This was done by Quicksilver Labs, which is apparently very reputable when it comes to testing these days. Ive contacted Chris Shade, the guy who runs the company, and he says that even though the tests showed everything was good, I could still have mercury in my gi tract, which wouldnt be detected by the tests. He is certain I may never get rid of the candida unless I remove my fillings. Fortunately, I had a dentist in my area that practices the Huggins protocol, so the option is certainly there to have this done, and done the right way. I feel like this is my last resort...but is it really worth spending the thousands of dollars, when I really dont know for sure if its the cause of my candida? Id like to think so. I truly appreciate anyone who has been kind enough to read all of this, and I would appreciate even more any possible advice that could be given. I feel like Im being robbed of the best years of my life...And I am by no means looking for a quick fix, I would just really like to go in the right direction, whatever direction that may be. Thank you so much in advance.

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