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Safe Cleanses for Gastroparesis?

Protozoa, Amoeba, Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses


Protozoa, Amoeba, Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 10 years ago

Safe Cleanses for Gastroparesis?

I have a number of health problems that I am hoping will be helped by a good cleanse (or series of cleanses). But right now the one big issue that has been slowing killing me over the past two years is gastroparesis. My GI doctor gave me a dx of idiopathic gastroparesis after I flunked a gastric emptying test (I passed the upper endoscopy and bacterial overgrowth tests).

The gastroparesis means that it takes me 6-7 hours (sometimes more) to digest a "decent" meal, whereas a typical person would digest the same meal in maybe 3-4 hours. This means I typically only can eat 2 meals a day. Meals high in protein and fats are hardest to digest, which has pushed my diet higher in carbs (yeah, not good, I know). Liquid meals are better, but even large amounts of fluid just sit in the stomach for quite a while before emptying.

So far my search into the cause of the gastroparesis has led me to look into a number of possible causes, including Lyme disease (6+ months working with an ILADS doctor and no improvement), parasites, and now I'm looking at Candida or other yeast issues. I did the Metametrix GI Effects test a few months ago and it came up negative for yeast/fungal infections, but I score pretty high on the standard Candida questionnaire. I did get a positive result in the parasites category (Strongyloides st.), but a course of rx anti- parasite drugs along with the usual herbals resulted in no change.

There's a lot more history I could go into, but that's for another topic. My question right now is whether any kind of cleanse would be safe for me?

With my restricted dietary input, I've lost a lot of weight over the past 2+ years, but it has stabilized for now (110 pounds for a 5'7" male in his late 30's). I try to eat well (lots of organic, no junk food, etc.), and now often have to resort to protein shakes combined with vitamin/mineral supplements to get adequate nutrition. I am trying to rotate foods for nutritional variety and to combat IgG food allergies (probably from leaky gut).

I feel like a Bowel Cleanse would really help me, but I wonder if a liver cleanse might be good also (I'm guessing the liver is stressed a bit). I am pretty sure I've got nasty stuff in the colon due to slow waste transport. I have found that taking 8-12 g (yes, grams) of powdered Vit C daily keeps constipation at bay. I had a BM several months back that required, um, manual evacuation, because the feces was too large and hard.

My current doc suggested colonics along with my current regimen, but I'd rather clean out from the top down.

The Master Cleanse sounds interesting, but I'm concerned about all the reports of weight loss. I know that's a plus for most people, but I really can't afford to lose more (unless it's junk from my intestines!).

I'm having a rough period with digestion right now (only about 1.5 meals today), so I feel jumping into a cleanse/fast wouldn't be that much change.

Is there a good "no weight loss" cleanse?

Am I ok if I can pass some initial tests (like Richard Anderson's pH test)?

I'd appreciate any feedback!

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