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Image Embedded candida + mold - go away junk! HELP QUESTION?
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Published: 11 years ago

candida + mold - go away junk! HELP QUESTION?

Howdy Stranger,

back in september i was living in an apartment with mold, but i didn't know it then. i went surfing in some dirty water, and i got and fought a sinus in infection with Antibiotics , and it seemed to go away but then it came back so i went BACK to the doctor and took some VERY heavy Antibiotics ... SURPRISE! so i had candida. i moved out after conclusively testing for mold and the landlord said he fixed the water leak (did nothing about the mold) i was out of the place for a month and a half, after kicking what i thought was a mild case (or so i thought) with proper eating and antifungals (oregano oil and clove). moved back in to be with the woman i loved then i started to feel like hell again - tested again for mold and the results came back positive again for MANY varieties including penissillium aspergillis (i'm allergic to penicillin) and stachybotrys (at a very low count) this point i am freaking out but managed to get food poisoning or contract a parasite in some dirty water i was surfing in again??? i hate being idle, when i don't exercise i feel SO depressed. so i fight through the fatigue to get my heart rate up and circulate my blood. at any rate... now i and the dog and one of the cats starts to suffer from malabsorption so we all move out ... then my gut starts to hurt, i'm stressing, nothing in me comes out solid (just like the dog and cat) phlegmy green and soft. so i go back and do some more research and last week did a hydro colonic - my oh my - the woman working at the place and i were looking at my view tube an seeing ALL kinds of things. there i NO way i could have kicked this without flushing my system, i was SO impacted and clogged with yeast it was incredible. i know that what was flushed was old because it was solid, and it was BLACK and grey covered with a misty white beard. So that day i felt like a billion dollars after the flush. but the following day i was down and out with die off pretty badly. i went back yesterday to do the flush again (i think 3 is good) and have been eating really clean but more old fecal matter and LOTS more white and yellow dead yeast came pouring out, obviously not as voluminously as before but still sufficient to have me thanking god i went for it. there is NO WAY i could have treated this without hydro therapy, none. so today again i am achy and tired and empty stomached - but something else has shown itself on my face today that wasn't really there before. i have some breakout on my nose, started as a small zit and i popped it but now on both side of my nose there seems to be a welling up of a LLLOT of skin oil. i believe this is due to the grapeseed oil oil of oregano clove and chaga i am taking, as well as the probiotics. but my dad has had basel cell removed from his face and other things too - so did HIS dad... i wonder if anyone can tell me weather or not they have had this go on or weather or not i need a biopsy asap, i realize things can get MUCH worse than this but being that my family's history makes me predisposed i thought i should ask because all of this anxiety is a KILLER! i wonder how long this whole candida thing will take to clear up for me if i am diligent with my diet and can just stick it out through the whole die off thing ? ? ?

any information you can provide me with will be much appreciated, thanks so much for taking the time to read my story (or at least the beginning of it)
most sincerely yours


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