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Taking the Triple Drug Therapy for Blastocystis

End Constipation Now
Let oxygen remove old, impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and...

End Constipation Now
Let oxygen remove old, impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and...

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Published: 12 years ago

Taking the Triple Drug Therapy for Blastocystis

Got sick with Blastocystis back in December from well water contamination. Diagnosed as having Blastocystis in February. Doctors say it causes no problems, however, I disagree. Anyhow, started the triple drug therapy by the Australian clinic on May 31st.

First 3 days weren't that bad. Just some nausea (very mild). On day 2 took the fleets enema that really seemed to help flush the system and aid in healing.

Days 4-6, still doing well just occasional nausea (a little worse) seems like I have had good days and bad days. Good news is the constipation is gone, so is the joint pain, horrible headaches, difficulty sleeping ect.
I definitely feel better regarding blasto.

Day 7-9, I can now feel the strength of these drugs. It's like I can smell them and taste them all day. Very strange. But overall doing well. I feel great otherwise and have energy again.

Day 10, well that is today. Doing well still. I feel they are gone but time will tell. I will probably go to 12 days to be sure.

I am writing this to help others out there. I got this diagnosis and was lost. The doctor didn't want to treat feeling we can live in harmony with these parasites. I am a very healthy person who eats well and since the diagnosis I seemed to get sicker. I had weird symptoms that I have never had before. Horrible constant daily headaches, itching, joint pain, bizarre rashes that get inflammed, hot and itchy, but in 24 hours disappear. I also experienced difficulty sleeping, and blurry vision. The blurry vision wasn't bad just enough to make me notice. Not to mention really bad constipation.

I have heard some really scary stories on this medicine. Here is what I have found to help the body tolerate the meds. DIET!!! You have to eat before the medicine. I noticed that the more well rounded the meal the less side effects. Once I ate a sandwich club wrap with steamed veggies and when I take the meds they settle very well. It doesn't matter if it's day 3 or 10. The important thing is to eat and get full. If you eat something very small and skimpy the nausea from the meds was the worst. Avoid Sugar and grains. For myself I included wraps and that's all the grains I would allow. I figured it was more important to eat to allow the meds to work with little side effects than to only allow greens and get sick of them therefore creating major nausea.

Also drink a full glass of liquid with the meds - this really helped with nausea.

Dont take anything else, it could be contraindicated with the meds. For instance no nasal meds, acetaminopen (sp?), and antacids including bismuth products. When these get into the body they bind with the furizolidone and you excreet them causing them to be ineffective.

Once you take the enema for the next 2 or 3 days I had sore muscles. If you increase your fluids with electrolytes this will subside - this is due to your body being dehydrated.

Instead of taking the meds 3 times a waking day. Take them 3 times a day around the clock. For instance every 8 hours, even if it's 3am in the morning. Wake up, eat, and take them. That way there is a contant even dose in the body.

When your nauseated and don't want solid food. I would make protein shakes. Just a scoop of powder, banana, some juice (I used papaya or pineapple) and some frozen fruit. This acted as a meal replacement if I was too sick to eat and filled me up enough to be able to take the medicine.

I will continue posting on my progess.

No one should have to live this way, and I hope I helped someone. Please remember my tips may not work with everyone. But if I can help someone - I want to do that.


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