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dowsing questions for rifing sessions

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Jha Na Hana Views: 762
Published: 10 years ago

dowsing questions for rifing sessions

Here's a list I came up with regarding some good pertinent questions to ask when about to do a rife session or choosing supplements to go along with the Rifing.

[comments/additions appreciated :)]

This assumes you are calm, centered, focused, and let go of outcome.

1) Is is best for me to use Rife frequencies right now?
2) If yes, is it best to kill pathogens? Or support/tonify body systems? something else?
3) If not, is it because I need to prepare my body? By taking a supplement? By clearing blocked organ systems?
4) If it's best to kill pathogens, is the pathogen I would most benefit by killing on Newport's list via dowsing?
5) If tonifying organs are needed most, is the system most beneficial for me to tonify: the Hormone system(thyroid, pineal, pituit, hypothal, thymus, adrenals)? Elimination system(liver, colon, kidneys, skin, lungs)?
6) Is it in my best interest to: Do a coffee enema? Take a baking soda/salt bath?
7) Will further lifestyle changes be required to clear my body? Does this primarily regard diet? water quality? exercise routine?
8) Is my most pressing issue at the moment primarily due to: physical? emotional? mental? spiritual or other levels of reality?
9) Is it most beneficial for me to be journaling? Is it most beneficial for me to be meditating? Is it most beneficial for me to be seeking alternative therapeutic assistance(somato-emotional integration, bodywork, craniosacral,etc)
10) Are these entities(physical parasites) due to Karmic bleedthrough from other lifetimes? Did I receive these parasites primarily due to sharing energies with another(sex)? Did I receive these issues due to psychic attack and implantation? Did I receive these issues due to astral attack or ET infiltration/manipulation?
11) Do I currently have all the tools required to clear my body? emotions? mind? spiritual connections?
12) Is there anything else it is best for me to ask about right now?

I find that when I dowse, if I'm close, but the question is a no, often I'll get an idea or image pop in my head regarding something close but not what I was asking about. I believe this is my higher self, and/or guides, giving me hints about what the dowsing cant answer in yes/no format. So then I ask about that and it usually turns up pertinent.

I use a wallet chain to dowse. I've seen lots of tools but this works for me.

Jha Na Hana

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