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Help! An invisible pest problem.
hunghung Views: 15,408
Published: 11 years ago

Help! An invisible pest problem.

I live in Hong Kong and I have been experiencing a horrible pest problem for over two months and it has turned my life upside down. I am still not sure what the (invisible) pest is. I have tried many things, including spraying and fogging by Rentokil, but they don't help too much. Turning on the aircon really helps, but I think it merely reduces the pest activeness and doesn't kill it or make it leave my apartment). Vacuuming the gaps on the parkay floor also helps.

Please tell me what it may be (flea? booklice?) and how to get rid of it!!!

Here are the details:

I have been living in the same apartment for close to 4 years with no pest problem until recently. Around mid-April (when the weather got warm), things began to bit me, mostly around the chin, upper lip, and forehead (now also on my fingers), giving me a little, but annoying itch. The pest situation has now become very serious. They are invisible and I thought they were just tiny mosquitos, too tiny for the eyes to see. (They can fly and/or jump because my electric mosquito bat sparks when I raise it up into the air during itchy moments.)

I bought lots of anti-mosquito products, but they offered no relief, except for the mosquito bat. Then someone told me those might be dust mites or something other than mosquitos.

Then I called Rentokil. The salesman came to take a look and he thought the pest was flea. I agreed to a 3-time treatment with spraying and fogging. When the crews came the first time, they saw my huge sheet music collection and they said they were 99% sure the pest was booklice rather than flea. Rentokil has performed spraying and fogging 2 times, but there is no relief. Turning on the aircon and slowly vacuuming the wood floor are more useful than the treatment. To this day, I am still not sure what the pest is.

Here is my description of the creatures.

1. They are invisible.
2. They attach to just about everything (cloth sofa, bed sheets, clothings, including outfit I am wearing (so they can follow and bite me even when I go out), and especially plastic bags and knacksacks). I know they are in the mentioned places because I tested with the mosquito bat. When the bat sparks, some living creature must be there. I go to bed with a clean sheet and the bat gives no spark when I bang it on the sheet; some minutes later, I do the bat test and there are many sparks.)
3. They bite, mostly on my forehead and chin (perhaps because those parts have more moisture). Finger tips are also targets.
4. I don't have allergic reaction to them.
5. I kill lots of them using mosquito bat, but they keep coming. The problem was minor weeks ago, but now the apartment is infested.
6. They are most active between 5p.m. and 2a.m. After 2a.m., they seem to go into hiding (perhaps because of lower temperture). They are also active during daytime.
7. I put essentil oils on my body, but that isn't effective. (Eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, cedarwood, and citronella have no use. Wintergreen, rosemary, lemongrass have some, but not much, use.)
8. I have tried diatomaceous earth, but it is useless (perhaps because the creatures fly/jump instead of crawl).


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