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Re: Too many problems
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Too many problems

Wow, Im stunned, thank you for your very thorough response addressing every symptom; this is what I was hoping all those doctors would do, your a better doc than they are for sure

I forgot to mention another few symptoms:

white spots under fingernails, I seem to have alot
Neck pain and possibly joint pain; this is sporadic
Hair loss, lots comes out
Slight tremors

Im very spacey, I used to have what I considered a good, fast mind. I find it very hard to think, seems like my head is just cycling through tortured/insane thoughts. It repeats songs in a broken manner. I feel numb to the world, hardly aware of whats around me, incapable of effectively taking in sensory data.

About my eyes, when I say that they are red its not on the level of being stoned or pool chlorine irritation but rather lots of bright red veins spreading around. At this point it almost looks jaundiced, almost

Im very confused about the heavy metal source, as you saw in one of my other posts I dont seem to have any Amalgam fillings, look at the post for the type. The fillings could be of a different composition but still just as dangerous. Come to think of it I had braces from 5 years ago to a year and a half ago, sense then Iv had a bottom retainer thats glued in its place. Perhaps that could be causing it, it does have a silver/chrome color (for suspicion sake). Come to think of it this all started around a year and a half ago. I have a dentist appointment in two weeks, he is a good friend who Ill talk to about removing the retainer. That is the only thing I believe it could be; I have no piercings, tattoos, implants, surgeries(outside of dental). I took ADHD meds till I was in 9th grade but I doubt that was directly involved.

I urinate every hour, hour and a half. In high school I was always embarrassed by how many times I had to go.

Im listening to the audio from your mercury post as I type this and find my personality to be like that of the mad hatter. Im very abstract, intuitive, posses a seemingly endogenous psychedelic mind state. Im also very shy and have become more so as this has progressed.

What you said about bilary backwash damaging the pancreas, once the obstruction is cleared and that stops can the pancreas heal?

I know its said that mercury can remain in your system for a long time, college is coming up in around two months and I wonder if I will be feeling any better by then. Right now I feel like I'm dying, every bit of me is devastated. I dont feel like me anymore, I cant stay up for very long. It almost feels like I have a perpetual fever minus the temperature(paradoxical no?)

Ill go through all of the links you have given within the next day or so; right now im fading on the verge of knocking out. My dreams are lacking to, they are seldom remembered. In my current state I dont know how im going to read those books, Im as dedicated as can be but the mental pain from doing anything

Im very grateful for your response, Im sure it must have taken a good deal of your time. It's worthy of some mod recommendation but I guess Im not fit to judge being a new member and all.

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