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Re: Too many problems
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Too many problems

white spots under fingernails" - This might be what is known as 'Mees lines'. Mees lines can be caused by more than one kind of heavy metal, but are most commonly associated with arsenic toxicity.

However, another possibility is zinc deficiency. Now, the interesting thing about zinc deficiency is that, as mentioned in my earlier reply, this can, under certain circumstances, have some influence upon levels of stomach acid production, and you do say that you frequently observe lots of undigested food (acid is, of course, only one component of digestion, but it's an important one which should be given due consideration).

A further interesting thing, in light of the present discussion, is that mercury has an ability to interfere with proteins belonging to many of the cells of the body. This leads to the cells being unable to move and/or utilise essential minerals. This situation is referred to as mercury-induced derangement of mineral transport. This might be one possible cause of the white spots, even if you have a reasonable dietary intake of zinc. It's an unfortunate paradox of mercury intoxication that one can consume a very nutritious diet yet their body may still have a 'functional-deficiency' of various nutrients owing to mercury's interference with cellular metabolism.

"I seem to have alot Neck pain and possibly joint pain; this is sporadic." - I'm not immediately certain what this might be, but I can say that it could tally with the potential systemic inflammation I mentioned in the previous reply.

"Hair loss, lots comes out" - More than one possibility but anyone who knows about mercury will tell you that this is a classic symptom of many who do have mercury intoxication

Regarding the neck pain and the hair loss, please see the following link:
(please bear in mind that this is an unusually severe case, so please don't be panicked by it, but do be aware that it is a harrowing story of one very courageous woman's experience with mercury intoxication)

and regarding the 'floaters in vision' you previously mentioned, and which I also suffer from:

Slight tremors" - CLASSIC mercury intoxication symptom. Of course, there are other possibilities for tremors but for those that have mercury intoxication, this is a textbook symptom.

"Im very spacey, I used to have what I considered a good, fast mind. I find it very hard to think, seems like my head is just cycling through tortured/insane thoughts. It repeats songs in a broken manner. I feel numb to the world, hardly aware of whats around me, incapable of effectively taking in sensory data." - ÁINE NÍ CHEALLAIGH's book 'Getting the Mercury Out' is a touchingly frank memoir on her experience of mercury intoxication and she discusses exactly these neuropsychological effects. If you feel up to reading it, I recommend this book, but Cutler's books take priority if funds are tight, as even Áine would admit.

Please allow me to reiterate the absolute CRITICAL IMPORTANCE of abstaining from consumption of foods or herbal formulae that include cilantro as an ingredient. Your neuropsychological symptoms might not be metal-related but they are strongly suggestive of this as a possibility, hence the distinct need to be cautious in avoiding cilantro - see also:

Again, there are many possibilities such as yeast/fungus etc., but, nonetheless, within mercury circles, this is one of THE most common symptoms. I suffer from it myself. EVERY item in your above paragraph, I identify with, although my brain's ability to take in sensory data isn't quite as severe as your description. I smiled at your mention of your mind repeating songs in a broken manner - I TOTALLY identify with this, and it drives me nuts. I'll walk through a shopping centre and find my mind repeating a tune I don't even LIKE or KNOW, and then I'll think back and realise I picked up the tune whilst walking through the shops. As you'll know, this is on a totally different level to the average man occasionally doing this. for someone with mercury issues (not necessarily you, but certainly me), this happens REPEATEDLY.

"About my eyes, when I say that they are red its not on the level of being stoned or pool chlorine irritation but rather lots of bright red veins spreading around. At this point it almost looks jaundiced, almost" - Well, this may indeed indicate liver problems and I covered a little ground on liver issues in the previous post.

Im very confused about the heavy metal source, as you saw in one of my other posts I dont seem to have any Amalgam fillings, look at the post for the type. The fillings could be of a different composition but still just as dangerous." - Yes, we don't know WHAT is in your composites. Some composites do contain, for example, Lead. Now lead is interesting because it can mimic MANY of the physiological and neurological symptoms associated with mercury. That said, my gut instinct is still that you may have an unknown exposure to mercury. It took me many years to realise where my mercury exposure occurred - I actually dismissed heavy metals as a potential hypothesis for my health decline, several times, simply because I couldn't identify how I could have been exposed. This is why I empathise with your current situation and why I am trying to be of help to you in at least reasonably exploring heavy metals as a possibility in your health decline.

"Come to think of it I had braces from 5 years ago to a year and a half ago, sense then Iv had a bottom retainer thats glued in its place. Perhaps that could be causing it, it does have a silver/chrome color (for suspicion sake)." - There is something known as 'galvanic action'. This occurs when 2 or more different metals are immersed in a liquid in close proximity to each other. It's a curious thing but it basically means that one or more of the metals in such a scenario will gradually break down and permit a 'flow' towards one or more other metals. Long story short, if you yourself have 2 or more metals in your mouth, the saliva will act as the liquid and you may thus have a continual source of exposure to one or more deteriorating metals.

"Come to think of it this all started around a year and a half ago. I have a dentist appointment in two weeks, he is a good friend who Ill talk to about removing the retainer. That is the only thing I believe it could be; I have no piercings, tattoos, implants, surgeries(outside of dental). I took ADHD meds till I was in 9th grade but I doubt that was directly involved". - Speaking for myself, my mercury toxicity did not come from piercings, tattoos, implants or surgeries, either. Mine came from Hep-B vaccinations. These, like many other vaccines, contain ethylmercury as a preservative in the vials of vaccine, so the vial contents can be used for multiple patient injections without contamination. Ethylmercury is one of the most neurotoxic forms of mercury, by the way. The trade name, when used in vaccines, is 'Thimerosal'. The point here is that even though you may not know precisely how you may have been exposed to one or more heavy metals (or other toxic substances), this does not mean we should not consider them as a plausible possibility in your multitude of symptoms, since the hypothesis of heavy metals does correlate extraordinarily well, on so many points, as described in the earlier reply. It is particularly interesting that you notice a correlation, in terms of timeframes, between onset of symptoms and dental work having been undertaken.


I urinate every hour, hour and a half. In high school I was always embarrassed by how many times I had to go." - Without me needing to go into this one here, you'll know from listening to that interview I linked-to that heavy metals such as mercury can mess up the bodys regulation of fluids and urination.

"Im listening to the audio from your mercury post as I type this and find my personality to be like that of the mad hatter. Im very abstract, intuitive, posses a seemingly endogenous psychedelic mind state. Im also very shy and have become more so as this has progressed." - Yet again, this lends weight to a heavy metals hypothesis for you.

"What you said about bilary backwash damaging the pancreas, once the obstruction is cleared and that stops can the pancreas heal?" - I suggest you don't worry about biliary backwash at all at this stage. I only mentioned it as one of many possible influences on pancreatic function known about in clinical medicine; it is not specifically likely if heavy metals are at play. It would be more relevant for consideration if heavy metals testing yields a negative result, and even then, the scenario of biliary backwash is relatively uncommon - it tends to occur in cases of choledocholithiasis, which is obstruction of the common bile duct due to gravel or a stone having travelled there from the gallbladder or liver. If you had this, it'd be a very urgent medical situation, and your doctor would swiftly identify it! ;-). I included it in the discussion merely to offer a broader picture of various things which may occur in relation to the pancreas, rather than ONLY focusing upon heavy metals. On the balance of evidence from your many symptoms, your primary focus of attention would probably be more wisely directed at getting a heavy metals analysis.


I know its said that mercury can remain in your system for a long time" - IF present in the brain, mercury is able to remain there for a lifetime, as Cutler discusses in that same podcast you're listening to. However, if one goes after it, in a very specific manner, one can safely remove mercury from the brain, and, indeed, from the rest of the body.

"College is coming up in around two months and I wonder if I will be feeling any better by then." - If the heavy metals hypothesis is incorrect then perhaps you may improve in a couple of months. Who can say?

...But IF heavy metals are at play here then no, 2 months isn't going to result in a miraculous recovery. Chelation is a long drawn-out process (2 - 8 years, by some estimations, and this varies from person to person and degree of initial exposure).


I'll go through all of the links you have given within the next day or so; right now im fading on the verge of knocking out. My dreams are lacking to, they are seldom remembered. In my current state I dont know how im going to read those books, Im as dedicated as can be but the mental pain from doing anything." - I understand how tough it can be to read stuff when your brain just won't function properly, but equally there's nothing worse than not knowing how to move forwards to improve one's situation. That's why I urge people to read Cutler's books if they have metal toxicity symptoms.

However, in terms of absolute priorities, IF you feel our discussion here resonates sufficiently-convincingly for you to take some proactive steps, then in order of importance, testing would trump reading (BOTH would be better, though! ;-) ).

If you can afford $75 (approx.) and feel heavy metals is a reasonable hypothesis, you can EASILY avail yourself of a simple and effective 'Hair Elements' test from Doctor's Data, via, as I described in the post elsewhere on Curezone, to which I linked you in the previous reply.

If you do go ahead and order this, I recommend you order from DirectLabs over the phone, rather than the website. It's tough if your thinking is muddled and the staff there are very helpful and will get you set up for the right test. You only need to provide about one heaped teaspoon of hair, from approximately the region behind the ears. When you fill the requisition form in, this can get a little confusing so I recommend you ring them again and get them to talk you through it, rather than risk a wasted few days if you post it before it's correctly completed.

We should remember that we don't yet know if your health issues actually ARE heavy metals related, so the testing is a good way to find out-
if it comes back negative, we can explore other possibilities
if it comes back positive, I've provided sufficient resources for you in the links you now have, and I'll do my best to answer any further questions you may have in this thread, in due course.

There IS hope for you to get better, even though things may seem bleak right now. The key is to keep exploring possibilities - it's exactly what I've had to learn to do, since doctors did not believe my declining health and offered no rational explanation either - in fact some were even ridiculing of any hypotheses they did not themselves generate (I'm thinking of one specialist gastroenterologist, in particular). I persevered on my own, got privately tested via DirectLabs, and finally proved that I am, indeed, mercury (and lead) intoxicated. Now, thanks to the work of Andrew Cutler, I can gradually remove the metals SAFELY and begin putting my health and my life back together (thanks Andy!).

Take care, and if I can answer any more for you, I'll do my best, but, as I said, the next step is really to get some testing done.

P.S. someone recommended Miracle-Mineral-Supplement - whilst I understand the rationale for recommending this, I'd avoid it until such time as you know heavy metals are not present in toxic amounts in your body. I say this because Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , as I understand it (and I did once purchase some myself) works by virtue of it's abilities as powerful pro-oxidant solution. Now, for short periods, this may have beneficial applications within the human body, but not so for someone who may have mercury intoxication because mercury itself, as I mentioned in relation to EFAs, is mercilessly pro-oxidative in the human body. The incredible stress this puts upon the body should not be underestimated. Free radicals do enough damage without creating more with mercury and, potentially, compounding the problem with Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . For someone with no metal issues, I'm sure MMS may have benefits, so I'm not criticising the substance or the recommendation, I'm just saying it's not appropriate if heavy metal intoxication is known or reasonably suspected.

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