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Re: Too many problems
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Too many problems

You're not going crazy (though mercury intoxication and ignorant onlookers, even well-meaning ones, may make you feel that you may be). I've been looked at disparagingly by several doctors, too, no doubt assuming I'm mentally ill or a hypochondriac, or both. It turns out, when you speak to other mercury-intoxicated individuals, that this is a common experience, which is most unfortunate in this day and age, when medicine should be advanced enough to open-mindedly investigate plausible hypotheses on the basis of legitimate matching symptoms. That said, I don't wish to give the impression that I view all doctors as ignorant on the topic of heavy metals, it's just that I've had a rough ride with doctors in relation to my own intoxication and, as I said, it is a shamefully common pattern shared by a great many other victims of heavy metal intoxication.

To be fair to the majority of doctors who fall somewhere in the middle of the two extremes, they are not trained in heavy metal intoxication to a significant degree, since mercury intoxication is popularly believed to occur mostly 'en masse', through acute environmental exposure, or through obvious industrial exposure. It is a very uncomfortable, dirty little secret that both the dental and the medical professions have known of the toxicity of mercury yet continued to utilise it for many decades. This fact, therefore, influences what is included, and what is EXCLUDED from medical doctorate curriculums.

"About the testing, I think it's best that I do the hair test first. Ill order one or both books immediately to get a good understanding but I have no time to spare, my symptoms seem as though they are perpetually accelerating."

Well, of Cutler's 2 books on the topic, 'Amalgam Illness' goes into the greatest detail on mercury, but 'Hair Test Interpretation' will be most valuable to you in the first instance because it contains the most detailed information on how to actually figure out your test results. That said, it would be possible for you to buy the 'Amalgam Illness' one and then upload your hair test results to:

whereupon it will be discussed at:

Any questions regarding the upload procedure, just ask at the frequent-dose group message board (above link). They're an extremely friendly and knowledgeable bunch on that message board and there are members there with great depth of personal experience of mercury intoxication.

Regarding your choice of book, the other thing to consider is that we don't yet know IF you actually do have metal intoxication, and IF you DO, we don't yet know if it's mercury. On balance, in spite of the fact you could have others interpret the results for you, I think I'd probably go for 'Hair Test Interpretation' anyway, because it covers numerous heavy metals, not just mercury, and thus covers more bases for you in the early stages. Both books are excellent, in spite of their rather unglamourous appearance, and both are very worthwhile reading if heavy metals are confirmed through testing.

Your remark that: "my symptoms seem as though they are perpetually accelerating." is an interesting one, and one I partially identify with. The thing is, my exposure itself was not ongoing, but the resultant declining health DEVELOPED/deepened/increased/broadened over a period of years - one example of which is that I never had any food sensitivities prior to my Hep-B jabs (other than a mild one to black pepper). However, after the jabs of ethylmercury-preserved vaccine, I became sensitive to a gradually-increasing range of foods, over a period of years. It was quite confusing to think I'd figured out what foods I was sensitive to, only to find that other foods which had been ok then had to be excluded, too. Of course, I now understand that mercury has been gradually displacing vital essential elements in the enzyme pathways of my liver, and thus gradually disabling these enzyme pathways ability to detoxify certain natural food chemicals.

Coming back to YOU, though, the acceleration may mean ongoing redistribution of mercury (foods contain molecular substances called 'thiols', which are simple sulphur-based compounds which weakly bond to mercury, move it somewhere else, and the drop some of it before the remainder is, perhaps, excreted from the body through urine or faeces. This is undoubtedly partly what led to my above situation). AND/OR the 'perpetual acceleration' of symptoms MIGHT imply that your source of Exposure STILL exists - perhaps, indeed, one or more of your dental materials may be contributing?

Once you've got tested, IF you find you do have heavy metal intoxication, I, and others on the frequent dose group message board, will do our utmost to assist you in accurately identifying what your source of exposure might be.

One step at a time... ;-)

How did you figure out that your Hep vaccine was the cause, from reading Dr. Cutler's books? - NO, I figured it out by gradually drawing a picture from all my symptoms, over a period of several years, in very much the same manner as I painstakingly discussed each of yours. This was an interactive process between PAINSTAKING observation and documentation of my numerous bewildering (seemingly unrelated) symptoms and unending research in natural health books and on the thousands of sources of info on health issues available on the internet. I certainly don't claim to be a medical expert but I learned enough about certain aspects of physiological functioning to at least build a workable picture for myself of what the hell was (and still is) going on with my body. It took me several years simply because I couldn't understand what my source of exposure could possibly have been, and because I was consequently investigating other blind alleys such as candida, Gallstones etc. That is not to say that these haven't played a part in my health decline, but the point is that they aren't the point of source origin of my health decline, and again, I hope you can see that that understanding of the importance of identifying source origin is why I dug deep, in turn, when offering you some possible explanations for your symptoms.

My efforts paid off for myself when, having come back again and again to the suspicion of mercury poisoning, but dismissed it each time due to inability to identify source of exposure, I encountered discussion on the internet involving parents of autistic children, many of whom (controversially) believe that vaccines are the point of origin for their children's autistic issues. THAT gave me the green light to understand that my health issues did, indeed, begin very soon after having hep-b vaccinations, and that, dammit, those vaccinations contained ethylmercury. I then rapidly took action and did what I wish I'd done several years earlier - got an oh-so-affordable laboratory hair analysis done, and the results confirmed mercury and lead intoxication.

I'm going to honestly admit, though, that in between my last dismissal of heavy metals as a plausible hypothesis, and finally understanding, 6 months later, that Thimerosal was the missing key that DID make the hypothesis plausible, at last, I made a very foolish error and one I am eternally thankful I was not severely punished for... I purchased some NDF, just as a casual means of experimenting to see if it had any effect that might support my dismissed hypothesis. Heaven knows how I got away with no more than severe headaches and increased tinnitus (two common signs of redistribution of mercury across the brain barrier and into the brain), but I did get away with it, and I stopped using the stuff quickly after that, even though I didn't know at that moment in time that these unpleasant symptoms were actually due to redistribution of mercury, as described. Only now do I realise what a narrow and blessed escape I had from a neurological disaster (NDF contains cilantro, hence the redistribution of mercury across the blood brain barrier and into the brain - cilantro is able to facilitate mercury traffic across the B-B-B).

I attribute my lucky escape to the fact that my last actual exposure to mercury (my last hep-B jab) was about 8 years prior to the NDF, and thus almost all of the mercury in my body had already been sequestered in the various tissues and organs of the body, not least my poor, still-suffering, liver. Had my exposure been more recent, there may have been more mercury available to hitchhike across the B-B-B and into my brain. I gave you a link in my previous post, which was to some discussion from a guy by the name of 'Billy' - he was much less fortunate than me and suffered badly from consuming cilantro. What sickens me is that there are STILL companies selling cilantro-based products AIMED at chelation, and still thousands of websites extolling the use of cilantro for chelation purposes. The human cost of these products and websites is incalculable, given the enormous neurological damage cilantro can facilitate in the body of someone with mercury intoxication.


Anyway, 2 or 3 months after my unwitting NDF debacle, I found those autism discussions about vaccines, twigged that Thimerosal was the key to my intoxication, and got the necessary lab hair test, the results of which confirmed mercury and lead intoxication.

It was THEN that I purchased Cutler's books because I now knew that chelation was what I was going to need to do to improve my health, and I'd already researched enough about heavy metal issues to understand that there are hundreds of dangerous approaches to chelation and Cutler's work stands as a shining beacon of sanity, which is scientifically-grounded. Thinking back, I think my main source of exposure to Cutler's work, during my early heavy metals research, was the 'Frequent Dose Chelation' Yahoo group and the associated 'Onibasu' search engine. I should add that, like most on curezone and in the alternative health field in general, I would PREFER to use only natural foods substances and herbs to heal myself. I initially was resistant to Cutler's insistence on using only specific substances, which were not entirely natural. HOWEVER, I soon came to appreciate, from gaining a deeper understanding of the scientific rationale underlying his work, that the lack of available scientific data on the kinetics of natural substances (such as cilantro) means that, at the time of this writing, cilantro is a hazardous choice for anyone wishing to chelate. Instead, one who understands the importance of kinetics, at least on a basic level, is forced to acknowledge that, at the time of this writing, substances suitable for SAFE chelation are very few - they include ALA, DMSA and DMPS. But, again, these must NOT be used until the source of intoxication is established and (if still present in the body) removed. Only then can one safely go about chelating heavy metal residues from the various organs of the body, including the brain. To attempt chelation prior to removal of exposure source is utterly insane, foolhardy, and will inevitably lead to dire consequences, because metal will be redistributed to the organs and tissues at an accelerated and enhanced rate.

My efforts thus far in trying to offer you plausible possibilities may yet be proven wrong, and there's no shame in that at all. We shall see, once you get your hair analysis. One has to explore plausible hypotheses, one-by-one, until one or more is proven correct.

"How should I go about finding the elements in my vaccines, will my vaccine report alone have all the answers I seek or will I have to research each specific one?"

We don't know that you're heavy metal intoxicated and IF tests confirm you ARE, we still don't know that vaccines were the culprit in your case. Just because they were in my case doesn't mean you're the same.

Notwithstanding that, ethylmercury has apparently been used as a preservative in vaccines since the 1930s. It was also used in contact lens solutions until only a few years ago when this practice was banned. These days, CHILDHOOD vaccines are supposed to be mercury-free, but many adult vaccines are not subject to the same regulations and thus continue to contain ethylmercury. I very much doubt that your vaccine report will mention anything whatsoever about ethylmercury preservatives - as I said, it's a dirty little secret of the medical industry. With the exception of live vaccines, such as MMR (please note that I'm not well-read on vaccines), my current understanding is that quite a significant proportion of adult vaccines continue to employ ethylmercury as a preservative, although things may finally be changing, not so much through righteous legislation but through market forces within an increasingly-letigous society (see here, for example, with regard to dental amalgams:
. I only hope a similar situation will very soon arise in the medical industry).

"Since the vaccine was the cause how did you remove the source or did you have to?" - The series of vaccine shots I received implanted a payload of ethymercury. I can't undo that 'source' - it did what it did. This is in contrast to someone who has dental amalgams, which may be removed at their choice.

However, in either that, or my, scenario, the net result is that a payload of mercury now exists within the body and brain, which, in the absence of a time machine, one can only remove through the arduous process of chelation.

The SAFE method for accomplishing this chelation is described in great detail in Cutler's books (he was the originator of this particular 'frequent-dosing' approach which respects the kinetics of the chelation substances used). We can get into that at a later time, and I'll be more than happy to assist, as will others on the frequent dose chelation Yahoo group, but, to be honest and pragmatic about this, it's much too early for you to be considering the HOW until you know the IF and then the WHY of your particular health situation.

"If I do get my hairtest back before reading through the books could I show the results to you or others on curezone for interpretation/diagnosis? Im assuming that they are fairly easy to read for the trained eye." - see above-mentioned link for this.

"The hair elements test and the hair toxic element exposure tests seem to have become the same price ($93), since they are should I get the toxic elements instead or does it really matter." - NO. I know how tempting it is to go for the 'Toxic Elements Exposure' test but it isn't as helpful as the 'Hair Elements' test because it omits essential elements. Do you recall me mentioning that mercury can lead to 'derangement of cellular mineral transport' ? Well, this propensity of mercury to skew readings of essential minerals can be a vital clue when interpreting a hair test and this is the reason why you really do need to go for the 'Hair Elements' test, NOT the 'Toxic Elements' test. Rest assured, the 'Hair Elements' test DOES also measure many toxic elements in addition to the essential elements. In Cutler's book, he describes statistically-based 'counting rules' which require readings of the essential elements, not just the toxic ones.

"When Im at my dentists next week Ill get the specifics of these filling" - good luck with that - many dentists have to be extremely careful what they discuss with their patients, in relation to heavy metals, simply because the ADA may attempt to strike them off their register if they go against the rhetoric of the ADA. This isn't Conspiracy theory on my part, it's open knowledge and you can find info about it all over the net, including youtube. One link to start you off is:

Anyway, let's get you tested as the first order of business, and we'll take things from there. In spite of widespread ignorance of this esoteric topic, in your daily life, I want you to know that, through the internet, you are NOT alone. I'll do my best to assist you in any way I can, and so will many others.


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